Dubai Mall becomes the most visited place on Earth

The Dubai Mall, located downtown near the Burj Khalifa, welcomed a record 105 million visitors in 2023, earning it the title of the “most visited place on earth,” with January and February 2024 showing promise for surpassing records with 20 million visitors alone.

In 2023, the Dubai Mall, strategically positioned downtown adjacent to the iconic Burj Khalifa, proudly set a new benchmark by attracting a staggering 105 million visitors throughout the year.


This remarkable achievement not only solidified its status as a global destination but also earned it the prestigious title of the “most visited place on earth,” a recognition announced by Dubai’s government media office.

Surpassing the previous year’s footfall by an impressive 19%, this growth underscores the mall’s enduring appeal and popularity among tourists and locals alike.


Looking forward with optimism, the trajectory for 2024 appears promising, with the first two months already witnessing an impressive influx of 20 million visitors.


This early momentum suggests that the Dubai Mall is poised to continue its record-breaking streak and further solidify its position as a premier shopping and entertainment destination on the global stage.

Written by Telha

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