Ears: How To Keep Them Clean

Discover essential ear hygiene tips for clean and healthy ears. Learn how to maintain ear hygiene with expert advice.

Ears naturally have some earwax, which aids in protecting ear canals from infections. However, using cotton buds for cleaning can harm your health. Fortunately, there are safer and more effective methods to maintain their hygiene.

Viral Strange will list some tips on how to keep them clean for longer.

1. Reduce caffeine intake

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Indulging in that morning cup of coffee may be enjoyable, but excessive caffeine consumption can trigger earwax blockages. You may even consider professional micro-suction earwax removal. Gradually cutting back on caffeine can also reduce your risk of earwax buildup.

2. Avoid cotton buds

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Cotton buds might seem like a quick fix for ear cleaning, but they can worsen the problem. They irritate the ear canal and push earwax deeper inside, making its removal harder. Instead, cleanse them with a gentle soap and dry them using a thin towel.

3. Try olive oil

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Embrace the benefits of olive oil. Besides promoting skin hydration and heart health, it can help maintain clean ears. You can apply it weekly. All you need is a small amount of olive oil. It can soften earwax, facilitating its natural exit.

4. Stay hydrated

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Hydration is vital for overall health and can aid in keeping them clean. Ample water intake stimulates ear canals, assisting in self-cleaning. Maintaining proper fluid balance may naturally reduce earwax buildup.

5. Avoid deep ear cleaning

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Focus on cleaning only the outer part. Unless you work in a dusty environment, a daily shower and gentle wiping behind and around your ears with a damp cloth should suffice for ear hygiene.

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Written by Shko Faraj Agha

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