Kanye West ‘Married’ Again Two Months After Divorce

Kanye West sparks rumours of a new marriage with Yeezy designer just two months after his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West, who has a knack for choosing partners, has entered a new relationship with Yeezy architect Bianca Censori, just two months after finalizing his divorce from Kim Kardashian. The rapper seems to have tied the knot once again.

According to reports, Kanye recently had a private wedding ceremony with his new spouse and took a romantic honeymoon trip to Utah. Both he and Bianca were spotted wearing wedding rings during their public outings.

Fans Notice Resemblance Between Bianca and Kanye’s Previous High-Profile Partner, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West

Despite being together, Bianca and Kanye haven’t filed any legal paperwork to formalize their marriage. They have also kept their relationship under wraps, which has surprised many fans.

In November 2020, Bianca joined Yeezy as the Head of Architecture for the team.


While pursuing her degree in architecture at a Sydney university, the Australian businesswoman launched her jewellery line called Nylon Jewellery. Initially a hobby with friends, they created Swarovski crystal accessories for personal use.


Kanye revealed in his tribute track to Bianca, ‘Censori Overload,’ that he stayed celibate before they married. He also rapped about his breakup, saying ‘Waking up to “I can’t do this anymore” text.’

Kanye West

Her outfit at the Balenciaga Fashion Show in New York, featuring form-fitting attire and striking sunglasses, evokes memories of Kim’s iconic style.

Despite ongoing divorce proceedings, Kanye West was seen wearing a wedding band, drawing negative attention.

Kanye West

After criticizing Kim’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson, Kanye’s fashion show featured divisive “White Lives Matter” tees and offensive remarks, leading to the loss of contracts.

Kim, who hasn’t addressed her former spouse’s remarriage publicly, posted a series of enigmatic messages on her Instagram Stories last Friday, including ‘I’m really in my quiet girl era, I don’t have much to say. Just much to do.’

Kanye West

“Just remember, the black sheep usually turns into a goat. Keep doing you.”

“People who want to see you win will help you win. Remember that.”

After 7 years of marriage and 4 children, Kim receives $200K monthly child support and joint custody in divorce from Kanye.


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Kim has appeared on multiple podcasts and TV shows, discussing her efforts to shield their children from Kanye’s repeated controversial statements on social media, which led to several suspensions.


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She said: “It’s hard. S*** like co-parenting it’s f***ing hard, you know.”


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“They have had zero communication in several weeks, and all communication regarding the kids’ schedules are now coordinated through assistants,” an insider revealed, adding that “Kim seems to have completely avoided having to talk directly with Kanye.”

Julia Fox reveals a short-lived romance with the rapper, stating: “We were together for merely a moment.”


She said: “I don’t think he even knows my full name or anything.”

Will Kanye’s celibacy and new beginnings end his pattern of constantly changing girlfriends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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