Michael Jackson: 9 Costume Secrets You Didn’t Know

Unveiling 9 unknown costume secrets of Michael Jackson. Intriguing insights await! Read more in the article.

Michael Jackson, a picky dresser aiming to stand out, incorporated intricate details in his costumes, leaving everyone curious about their significance. Notably, his jackets often featured an armband on the right sleeve and the embroidery of “777.”

Prepare to be captivated by Michael Jackson’s wardrobe as we unveil these 9 intriguing secrets behind his iconic costumes!

1. Smaller End-of-Show Costumes

Michael Jackson
© John Barrett/PHL/MPI/Capital Pictures/Capital Pictures/East News, © ASSOCIATED PRESS/East News, © ASSOCIATED PRESS/East News

Michael Jackson’s strenuous performances made him lose up to 5 lbs, leading to smaller costumes to showcase his dance moves.

2. Lean Shoes – Michael Jackson Defying Gravity

© Smooth Criminal / Quincy Jones Productions

The V-shaped clasp on his shoes helped Michael perform the 45-degree forward tilt, requiring incredible core and leg strength.

3. Singular Glove

Michael Jackson

Due to vitiligo on his hand, Michael wore one glove to cover it, making his look unique and not too ordinary.

4. Armbands on Michael Jackson’s Right Sleeve


Unique armbands on jackets set Michael’s style apart, leaving fans curious about their significance.

5. Symbolic № 7s on Jackets

Michael Jackson

Three № 7s were sewn onto jackets, representing Michael being the 7th child and his birth year, 1958.

6. Unpolished Shoes for a Perfect Michael Jackson Grip

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Michael preferred unpolished shoes as the worn leather gave him the grip needed for his dance routines.

7. White Socks

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Wearing white socks with black shoes attracted attention to his footwork during dances.

8. Michael Jackson’s Famous Finger Tapping

Michael Jackson

Taping fingers with white tape added allure, and tapping specific fingers added mystery to his routines.


9. Meaningless “CTE” Letters

Michael Jackson

The letters “CTE” on jackets were randomly chosen as they didn’t hold any specific meaning for Michael.

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