Model Dismissed From Her BFF Wedding Because She Looked Too Hot

We wouldn’t blame the bride though… she’s fire!

We mean… who wouldn’t want all the attention to themselves on one’s weeding day right? Especially when you’re the bride. Girls would get it… Having a best friend who is hotter than one always may have caused a beef between two girls, because she gets all the attention.

The big question is: Would you invite your hot friend to your weeding even though it may turn all the heads? This is the case a tik toker has explained on her profile in the well-known app.

Alena explains that her BFF invited her to her wedding and then dismissed her for looking too hot. We mean it’s nobody’s fault that this girl looks like Ariana Grande double, but anyways… she got booted and decided to share the story on TikTok, which went viral.

@alenayildiz##fy ##fyp ##foryoupage ##viral♬ оригинальный звук – делирий.

The video of the German model has gotten more than 15M views and received thousand of comments. Furthermore, in the video she explains that the dress she was wearing was chosen by her close friend but she had decided to call her off despise that she offered to wear another one.

This dress is fire though and Alena’s beauty is out of this world. She has shared some photos in it on social media which have received thousand of likes.

We aren’t really sure if they saved their friendship after this beef. Judging from Alena’s responses with other users who commented on the video, she’s letting things go.

Written by Telha

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