One More The Simpsons Scarily Predicted the Future

The Simpsons’ 2015 episode “Friends and Family” predicted the societal impact of Apple’s Vision Pro in 2024. It humorously portrays characters using VR headsets in daily life, showcasing the show’s ability to anticipate cultural and technological shifts.

In the prescient episode “Friends and Family” from 2015, The Simpsons offered a remarkably accurate glimpse into the future by depicting a world where individuals were fully engrossed in virtual reality through the use of VR headsets—a scenario strikingly reminiscent of the societal shift catalyzed by the release of Apple’s groundbreaking Vision Pro in 2024.

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With astonishing foresight, the show humorously illustrated the consequences of this technological revolution, portraying the residents of Springfield stumbling through their daily lives while ensconced in virtual worlds.

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Scenes of characters inadvertently colliding with light posts and stumbling into manholes provided a comical yet thought-provoking commentary on the potential perils of an increasingly virtual existence.


This uncanny prediction by The Simpsons serves as a testament to the show’s enduring relevance and its ability to anticipate and satirize significant cultural and technological developments years before they come to fruition.

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