Retirement Journey: Old Couple Opts for 51 Cruises

An adventurous retired couple chooses 51 cruises over traditional retirement. Join their incredible journey at sea!

Retirement takes an unconventional turn as this married couple convinced that life at sea is more economical than residing in a retirement home, embarks on 51 consecutive cruises.

In June of last year, Marty and Jess Ansen began their extraordinary journey on the Coral Princess. Throughout the past 18 months, they’ve embraced a life filled with dancing, fine dining, forging enduring friendships, and traversing the globe.

Retirement Journey
A Current Affair

In a whimsical turn, they jestingly remark that they “extend a warm welcome to the captains” instead of the usual protocol. Originating from Australia, Marty and Jess have earned a certain level of fame among their fellow passengers, as attested by manager Ren van Rooyen. Even travelers embarking on shorter cruises make special requests to meet this dynamic duo, whose inspirational journey has enraptured folks back home for the last 455 days.

Marty humorously suggests that their extended stay on a cruise ship might be necessary since they’ve become so accustomed to the maritime lifestyle that they’ve forgotten basic tasks like making a bed or cooking a meal, according to A Current Affair.

A Current Affair

Despite their years of cruising experience, they leaped full-time cruising during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frustrated by the strict Australian lockdown and the feeling of missing out on years of enjoyment, they hatched a plan to live their days in perpetual holiday mode.

“Eventually, I said to my agent: ‘Look, whatever comes, book it,’ and that’s how it turned into such a lengthy cruise,” said Marty.

Retirement Journey
A Current Affair

The ticket price covers all their meals, and daily tasks are no longer a concern, thanks to a dedicated onboard staff responsible for room upkeep.

The couple believes that this way of life is more economical than transitioning to a retirement facility. Just this year, the ship’s crew, who have grown close to Marty and Jess, went the extra mile to make the great-grandmother’s birthday special.

Marty and Jess begin each day with an energetic game of ping pong, setting the stage for a leisurely enjoyment of cold beer on the deck and savoring the ship’s buffet.

Their next destination is Hawaii, but their journey aboard the Coral Princess continues for eight more months before a brief land stop. Their love for cruising is unending, as they’re already plotting a year-long voyage aboard the Crown Princess.

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