Riley Reid Discloses Her Exact Earnings from Adult Films

Adult film star Riley Reid reveals her precise salary demands, shedding light on her financial success and career choices.

Adult film star Riley Reid has shared details about the salary she demanded when filming adult movies. Starting her career at 19, Reid has spent over a decade in the industry and has amassed numerous awards, including Female Performer of the Year.

Initially performing under the stage name “Paige Riley,” Reid has transitioned into a prominent figure in adult entertainment, winning over 45 awards. Despite her success, she no longer performs with male actors.

On the Impaulsive podcast, Riley Reid revealed that an ex-boyfriend made her feel ashamed of her profession, influencing her decision to reconsider her career.

Riley Reid

“He made me feel like maybe I should quit and stuff… He didn’t want to kiss me when I came home from work. So it made me feel like a disgusting person,” she said.

Nevertheless, she continues to earn substantial income through platforms like OnlyFans and by producing her content.

During an appearance on It’s Daniel Mac in 2022, Reid discussed her rates over the years, mentioning that she initially charged between $5,000 and $10,000. For specific scenes like her first “anal scene,” she negotiated up to $15,000, sometimes more for highly anticipated shoots.

Riley Reid also mentioned strategic negotiations, such as securing the rights to release her version of a scene on her website, allowing her to maximize her earnings.

“I kept my rate up at like over five, like it was like five to 10k, for you know kind of dependant on the month and where I was, I was like ‘okay I’ll take some more a**, we could lower my rate’ and I’m like ‘uh let’s raise it up because I’ve shot a lot recently’,” Riley Reid said.


She continued: “So like when you see your first a***, your first DP and your first g***bang, a lot of times you can get a good chunk of chains. Sometimes girls can get like 10k, sometimes they can get 15 to 20. So it kind of like depends on like what you do, like if you do a featured movie, you might be able to get like 30,000 if you shoot like a few scenes or whatever.”

This savvy approach has helped her maintain financial success while controlling her brand and content.

Riley Reid

Riley Reid added: “And some girls can be really smart, so like when I did my first a***, I got paid like 15k for my first a***, but I made the company also agree to let me shoot my own a*** scene and release it at the same time on my website. So it wasn’t like the same scene, they had a way better production quality and everything like that. But I was still able to monetize on my own site as well as with them advertising my a*** scene.”

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