Shirtless David Beckham Teases Victoria in Quirky Video

Watch shirtless David Beckham playfully teasing Victoria in a quirky video. Charm and adorable moments are captured in this must-see clip!

Shirtless David Beckham surprised everyone with a quirky TikTok video on Victoria’s account. In the amusing clip, the 48-year-old football star playfully imitated his wife of nearly 25 years. Witnessing this bold and humorous post, one can only imagine that life with David is filled with laughter and fun.

An exclusive makeup tutorial inspired by shirtless David Beckham.

Shirtless David Beckham
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Taking a humorous turn, the soccer star shared his makeup routine from his wife’s filming spot. With wet hair and a towel, his tattooed torso was on display. Once Victoria finished her tutorial and exited, David playfully took over, mimicking her with a makeup brush, adding a playful touch to the scene.

© victoriabeckham / Instagram

Beckham humorously said: “So when I use a little bit of this, my wife tells me this is the best lighting to do content. I tend to agree, but I don’t really know what I’m talking about.”

Continuing his “tutorial,” David Beckham shared his skincare routine, expressing his preference for moisturizing. He openly acknowledged that “this is the best way to do it according to Victoria Beckham beauty.”


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Responding promptly to her husband’s video, Victoria quipped, “Mr. Beckham’s very own #VictoriaBeckhamBeauty tutorial”. Fans, delighted by the unexpected twist, flooded the post with likes and comments. Some humorously pointed out, “There’s not even product on that makeup brush,” while others sarcastically remarked, “The tutorial we didn’t know we needed.”

Victoria refuses to part ways with one crucial makeup step.

Shirtless David Beckham
© victoriabeckham / Instagram

Acknowledging the beauty mogul’s mastery of makeup, it’s noteworthy that Victoria Beckham prefers a simple, natural look. She emphasizes that her goal is not to reverse time but to avoid excessive makeup, as she believes it can contribute to an aging effect. Mrs. Beckham said: “It’s about not doing too much, which can be really aging.”

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Upon waking up, the mother of four prioritizes a crucial beauty routine—drawing her eyebrows. The former Spice Girls singer confesses, “Over the years my brows have been so over plucked that if you saw me without it you’d be horrified.” She adds that even her husband David has never seen her without her carefully drawn brows.

Who knew all we needed was a shirtless David Beckham tutorial on how to apply makeup? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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