How To Know If Someone Secretly Has Crush On You

Of course on daily bases there are plenty of crush and inside love happening but most of the time it doesn’t turn out to be a relation or anything because one of the parties didn’t noticed the signs of crush and love or simply didn’t care. In order for you to know if someone has crush on you even without them telling you.

We here at Viral Strange we listed top 7 signs that someone has crush on you:

1- They act more nicely around you.

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If there’s someone that people consider less talkative or less social or less smiling but they are more talkative and more social and more smiling toward you, This could mean that they treat you nicer than others.

And when you notice that someone is treating you nicer than the others, this is a clear sign that the person is interested in you.

2- They complement more than normal.

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Have you ever notice someone is complimenting you and try to highlight you more than normal except from your family and your good old best-friends. Sometimes they even mention things about you that you didn’t noticed yourself. If so this can clearly means that this person is obviously paying more attention to you and clearly is interested you in you and your behaviors.

3- They initiate and sometimes they elongate contact.

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When someone has crush on you, they usually initiate conversations and try talk about a lot more things than others. Sometimes they purposely elongate conversation and trying to tell stories and talk about themselves first to make you feel comfortable and talk about yourself. All of this should be a great sign that they are interested in you and they want to know more about you.

4- You might catch them staring at you, they look at you more than often.

Sometimes when you look away or you’re busy and then you accidentally take a look at them, you might catch them staring at you either directly or by the corner of their eyes. And sometimes when they speak to group of people.

you might notice that they mostly look at you and face toward you. And as said by our grandparents “It takes seconds of staring before falling in love

5- They are close and you see them around you more often than they normally do.

If there’s someone that keep trying to stay close around you even when you’re not talking or not having any business together. Or if you see them too often by coincidence, It’s not a coincidence , it might be that they are having a crush on you and they keep planning ways to see you but they also make it seems like a happy coincidence.

Or sometimes they might also change the direction of their home or their desired location just to stay around you, they often make decisions that keep them around you.

6- They are behaving differently around you.

When someone is special and different from the others for you, of course you tend to act and behave differently around you. So if you saw someone that act, speak and behave differently around you than the others, this can mean that you are someone special for them and all of those different behaviors are there to impress you.

7- They sacrifice for you, they make themselves available for you and they ruin their plans for you.

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Have you ever noticed that someone is having an important project or exams or anything important happening but they decide to ignore that just to stay around you or be with you for a café visit or somewhere else which is unnecessary. If you noticed that someone is always making themselves available for your plans and they even ignore their important things just to be with you for something unnecessary, this is a clear sign that they are interested in you and they have crush on you and overall they sacrifice their plans and schedule just to stay around you.

These 7 signs should give you a clear vision to analyze if someone is interested in you, But as we all know crush could be a temporarily thing BUT if you are interested in them too, We suggest give them back some of these signs so that they feel your care too and they might as well beat their shyness and tell you about their secret love.

Written by Shko Faraj Agha

Adventures Pharmacist, Tech Influencer, Entrepreneur

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