Stories of Women With Multiples Pregnancy

Proudly mothers show how is it being pregnant with twins or triplets

Women are the ones who can experience the beautiful sensation of maternity. People are different from one another, so pregnancy is not the same for every woman.

The body changes a lot, and it takes different shapes and sizes. This is an important process to get prepared for the growth of the baby. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but at the same time, it can be very stressful and fatiguing.

Besides the body changes, women go through hormonal changes too. Can you imagine how this can be with twins or triplets?

We are going to share with you the story of women with triplets or even more babies.

1. Michella Meier-Morsi pregnant with triplets at 35-week baby bump













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2. Charlotte’s three babies were born at 35 weeks














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Charlotte says that this looks like having three babies in her belly. They were born in the C section.

3. Pregnant with twins at 20 weeks

This woman confesses that for her, it has not been a facial pregnancy. In this photo, she seems so happy, but she was struggling with the pain. But everything went ok and the mother with the twins are so healthy and happy.

4. Cicely with her twins, born at 37 weeks














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Thanks to her hard work, Cicely has passed from a pregnant body to a fit healthy body.

5. Hayley, pregnant with triplets born at 33 weeks

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6. Triplet girls, born at 35 weeks














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This girl is waiting to give birth to her 3 baby girls. She has done the necessary controls and is trying to feel relaxed and positive.

7. Postpartum body: from 1 to 52 weeks after

This is how women’s bodies change during pregnancy and after. All the excess skin, saggy belly, hair loss, lack of muscles everywhere and so go on. But all of this is so worthy when you have your babies near you, your family, and lots of love.

8. Wanda with her twins at 35 weeks














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“Your normal won’t be everybody else’s normal, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful! Enjoy and celebrate YOUR journey”- Said the girl in the photo.

9. Maria’s triplets, born at 35 weeks

The beautiful collage shows the massive growth step by step. How special it is?

10. Erin with her triplets at 36 weeks














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Erin has given birth naturally, vaginally, to her three babies at 36 weeks.

11. Betsy and her triplet babies

“To all of you parents who are expecting twins or triplets, these photos show just the beginning! What a magnificent change your family will experience”- She said

12. Sierra’s twins, born at 37 weeks














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13. Lindsay’s Quads, born at 31 weeks

Growing up with four babies in your body is not so easy, but she did it, and she is so proud of that.

14. Roxanne with her triplets babies














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Roxanne’s babies were delivered four days after making this video.

Written by Sara Cyrbja

Micro-Biology scientist 🧬 , part-time copywriter and a fun fact is that I adore traveling as much as i can ✈️

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  1. Yes I had two sets of twins, my first set of twins one boy weighed eight pounds and the other boy weighed seven pounds and eight ounces. My second of twins weighed seven pounds and six ounces he was the boy and the girl weighed six pounds and four ounces.I was very big. But I had two singles first and the both weighed eight pounds. And I had the singles at home. It’s always some extraordinary stories in peoples lives.

    • Umm, just because it wasn’t that way in your family doesn’t mean these photos were enhanced. Every woman carries pregnancy differently. Instead of being so snarky, how about you just show respect for something only a woman can do. Seriously.

    • I was a labor and delivery nurse for 36 years. These pictures have not been enhanced. I’ve seen plenty of woman with huge belly’s. It all depends on the size of the mother, size of babies, and gestational age.

  2. I was 135 lbs when I got pregnant with my twin sons. I started showing at 4 months. By my 5th month, my belly was huge. I made to my 7th month when my water broke. I had to deliver by c section . I have many stretch marks, but I tell people those are my battle scars. I had to fight to keep my son’s inside til they could survive.

  3. My daughter gave natural birth to healthy full term twins and no-one would have guessed she was having more than one. First baby was born 1/2 hour after reaching hospital. No stitches either. She was very fortunate.

  4. Sweet pic and I admire the cardgment of this beautiful women.I never Have baby and I’m 44 but I’m so scared from this experience and I guess I live all my life running away from it… I love my sister kids but I always tell her that she is more strong to do this to her body while I cry 😭 before Injection 😆

  5. Its mad coz when I was pregnant both times I was as big as these woman and was only carrying one mad how peoples bodies are so different even the midwife thought one might be hiding (but nope only one in there I was huge) went from a size 6 to a size 18 around the belly, all these pictures are beautiful