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The 57 Years Old Model Who Broke Down Age Prejudices

A motivational story of the 57 years old model, Kathy Jacobs that broke down all age-related prejudices in the modeling world

They say after a certain age it might be a little too late to follow our dreams. We at Viral Strange are happy to share with all of you a motivational story to be inspired by.



Kathy Jacobs is an actress, entrepreneur, and model who broke down all age-related prejudices in the modeling world. She is 57 years old, showing that bodies are ageless and encouraging women of diverse shapes and ages to follow their dreams.





Kathy got into the industry in 1991 as a Ford model but, her career bloomed last year when she modeled for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Her positivity made her stand out from all participants.









She said last year: “I just want to show the world what 56 means. You know, it’s not like I’m ready to roll over and play dead because I’ve still got a lot more inside of me to do.”

Kathy is making an impact on younger girls, too. She said: “I feel like being in this magazine not only helps other women my age but younger girls too. Everyone’s so terrified about getting older. I’ve had so many younger girls message me and say, “Thank you so much for doing this because I’m not terrified of getting older anymore. I know my life is not going to end once I reach 30, 40, 50, or 60.







Kathy takes good care of herself! She posted a picture while working out writing: “Just start where you are at right now! That’s what I remind myself of when I feel like I haven’t hit my fitness goals! I’m going to reward myself today for trying! Hope it helps you too!





Kathy has been married for 23 years to her husband, Rob Jacobs, and they have a beautiful daughter. Her self-acceptance and body positivity is inspiring!

She has just proven that age is just a number! What about you? Do you have any dreams ready to follow?

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