Time-Traveling Duos: 21 People Making Believers

Explore 21 time-traveling duos bending time in ways that make believers out of us. Uncover the mysteries of generations.

Time-traveling duos showcase the fascinating link between generations. While everyone inherits a distinctive set of genes, discussions about a child’s resemblance to older ancestors can be striking.

1. Princess Diana and her grandmother, Cynthia.

Time-Traveling Duos
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2. “A side-by-side of my 3x great-grandmother and my mother.”

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3. “I think I might be a clone and no one told me.”

Time-Traveling Duos
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4. Family genes.

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5. “My dad and me, 1980 vs 2020.”

Time-Traveling Duos
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6. “This is me in the mid-’90s and my son in 2020, not quite the same pose, but I like seeing the similarities!”

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7. “My grandmother (1940) and me (2005) — I feel grateful to carry on her lovely genes.”

Time-Traveling Duos
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8. “I think it’s fun to look at my dad at 12 vs me at 12.”

© hi_im_kai101 / Reddit

9. “Me vs my mom’s yearbook photo (1977).”

Time-Traveling Duos
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10. “My son at a year old in 2004 and his great-great-grandfather at the same age in 1882.”

© Im_not_the_assistant / Reddit

11. “My whole life people have told me I look just like my mom when she was my age. I never saw it until I found this old picture of my mom.”

Time-Traveling Duos
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12. The resemblance!

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13. “My dad and me, both at the age of 14.”

Time-Traveling Duos
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14. “Found this old picture of my great-grandma. I was amazed at how much I looked like her!”

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15. Mom and daughter.

Time-Traveling Duos
© Aidddan / Reddit

16. They went through a 3D printer.

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17. Granddaughter and her grandma.

Time-Traveling Duos
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18. “My ancestor from the 1700s next to my dad — apparently my family’s looks haven’t changed much.”

© B00NSH / Reddit

19. “My dad’s mother and me, 70 years apart.”

Time-Traveling Duos
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20. “Me and my Paternal grandfather.”

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21. Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth.

Time-Traveling Duos
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In the intricate tapestry of familial resemblances, these time-traveling duos across generations leave us marveling at the timeless connections woven by the threads of genetics and the mysteries of time.

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