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    How to Tell If Your Man is Real and Faithful (8 Sign)

    ‏We girls each have a different idea about the man we want, our desires are different and we each think differently, maybe some girls like black men, some white men, our desires are different and different from each other. The only thing we have in common is that we all want a (faithful) man, it […] More

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    5 Daily Habits for a Better Life

    Do you want a healthier lifestyle? Try those 5 habits: 1. Make sleeping your priority Lots of people when thinking of making some good daily habits , seems to avoid thinking of sleep.But trying to manage you sleep time is something to level up your life.A better sleep can make you more focus during the […] More

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    10 Best Home Improvement ideas

    Today we will explore the 10 Best Home Improvements Ideas.We have some tips and trick for you , whether you’re renovating your entire home or simply designing an individual room. If your looking to change how you rooms looks , these yet easily executable ideas will ensure that your home is both stylish and fits […] More

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    How sugar affects the brain

    Picture warm, gooey cookies, crunchy candies , velvet vakes , waffle cones oiled high with ice scream. Is your mouth watering? Are you craving dessert? Why? What happens in the brain that makes sugary food so hard to resist? Sugar is a general term used to describe a class of molecules called carbohydrates, and it’s […] More

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    Your Character According to Your Sitting Style

    Psychologist now a days are looking deeper into our daily behaviors to see if our characters can be seen through them. One of the most crucial things that can tell a lot about your character is your sitting style, here’s some popular sitting style and what can they mean: VIRAL Strange collected for you 5 […] More

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    How To Know If Someone Secretly Has Crush On You

    Of course on daily bases there are plenty of crush and inside love happening but most of the time it doesn’t turn out to be a relation or anything because one of the parties didn’t noticed the signs of crush and love or simply didn’t care. In order for you to know if someone has […] More

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    12 Signs That You Are Ready To Love Again

    Dealing with heartbreak is not easy at all. You will lose confidence in loving again. It will affect your decision making at some point. It is not easy to open up to someone and love again. When can you say that you are ready to love again? Here at Viral Strange we listed 12 signs […] More

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