10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Settle With one-sided Love

Loving someone should be unconditional, but you should focus on your happiness too. There are times wherein we love someone so hard that we tend to ignore our own well-being. Unrequited love or one-sided love can be very toxic too

Viral Strange listed down the 10 reasons why you shouldn’t settle with one-sided love:

1. It can mentally destroy you. 

Giving your attention, time, and effort to someone who does not feel the same way is definitely mental torture. You have to stop antagonizing yourself because, in the end, you will end up hurting. Prioritize your mental health instead.

2. It diminishes your self-worth.

Please have some respect for yourself. Do not be too desperate just to be loved by someone. It is not the end of the world when someone does not love you back. It hurts for sure, but nothing is more painful than seeing yourself acting too low just for someone’s love and attention.

3. You will miss your one true love because you are too focused on that person who doesn’t care for you.

Because you are too focused on someone’s love, unknowingly, the person who will love you eternally has been there with you all along. You failed to notice him because you are too thirsty for someone else’s love. He has been there waiting for you to see the efforts he made.

4. It’s not worth exhausting so much of yourself when you are being taken for granted in the first place. 

You have to spare your love to the person who truly deserves it. You can’t just give it away easily. Love is always worth the wait and sacrifices if you are with the right person. Do not allow yourself to be like you are a piece of trash.

5. It’s just too low to beg for attention and love.

You should not be begging for real love. No one should be begging for the kind of love that you truly deserve. When you beg for it, that only means it is not worth it in the first place. Love should make you feel empowered and liberated, not otherwise.

6. You are wasting all your time and efforts. You are more than just a person who constantly tries to force things to happen.

A forced love or relationship will never last. You will wake up one day only to realize that you allowed your emotions to get into your decisions. If someone truly loves you, there is no need for you to force anything. Real love happens naturally at its own time and pace.

7.There’s so much to live than being trapped in a one-sided relationship that only caused you pain and distress.

There is so much more to life than be in one-sided love. You have friends who cherish you so much. Your family is there to support you, no matter what. You still have a lot of travel plans to fulfill. You still have a lot of goals to achieve. Channel your energy on something worth your time.

8. You should not be chasing anyone. Chase your dreams instead.


At this point, chasing your dreams is more important than anything else. There are so many wonderful opportunities awaiting you. The world will not stop just because someone does not love you back. Do not waste the opportunities, because not everyone has that.

9. You deserve all the best in life. 

Stay away from one-sided love because it will never give you genuine happiness. You will never have peace of mind along the way. It will just kill your self-worth in the long run. You only deserve nothing but the best, so never settle for something that does not speak of the real meaning of love.

10. Happiness should not rely on one person. It should start within yourself.

You have to love yourself first before you love someone else because you cannot give something that you do not have in the first place. Your happiness should start within yourself. Do not crave love and acceptance from other people because it should come from you. The best type of love is self-love too.

Instead of you being in one-sided love, focus on improving yourself. Explore the world even more. You don’t have to beg for the person who is really for you. He will feel the same way as you do. There is no need for you to be desperate when the right person comes because it will happen so beautifully. When the right person comes, it will happen so naturally in the most beautiful way. 

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Written by Zhwlya Azad

There are two things I love to write about, one of them is travel and the second is food. Why not combine both of them and come up with relationships.

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