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    15+ Rules That Don’t Make Sense

    Our life is regulated by laws and rules to mantain order and how things suppose to work. Some of this rules and laws are writen some are passed from a generation to another.Rules help us to do things in a right way from how to was your clothes without destroying them or to the most […] More

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    7 Manifestations That You Are Finally Over Him

    Moving on from a broken relationship is one of the hardest things to do. It is not a walk in the park for sure. You can’t sleep and wake up the next day, and you are over him. It actually needs a lot of courage, bravery, and patience. You have to have the courage to […] More

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    15 Awesome Signs of Maturity

    We all have our own fair share of bad decisions made in the past. We all made immature actions in the past too. We also unintentionally hurt some people in our lives because of how insensitive we are on some things. But when can you say that you have fully grown and mature as a […] More

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    An Open Letter to That Broken-Hearted Girl

    To that broken-hearted girl, How are you doing today? I know that you do not feel well at all. You feel so tired of constantly feeling worthless. You feel that your world is in a complete shutdown. Your world has become too bland to feel even an inch of happiness. You might not have any […] More

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    Don’t Love A Boy, Choose A Man

      Don’t Love A Boy, Love A Man Do not love a boy because he will be possessive. Choose a man instead because he will be protective. Do not love a boy because he will use your body. Choose a man instead because he can wait.  Do not love a boy because he does not […] More

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    10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Settle With one-sided Love

    Loving someone should be unconditional, but you should focus on your happiness too. There are times wherein we love someone so hard that we tend to ignore our own well-being. Unrequited love or one-sided love can be very toxic too.  Viral Strange listed down the 10 reasons why you shouldn’t settle with one-sided love: 1. It can mentally […] More

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    7 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

    Love is not always about rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes,  no matter what we do, we don’t always end up to the person we love. Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 7 common reasons why certain  relationships fail: 1. PRIDE  This is easily one of the reasons why relationships fail. When no one wants to […] More