Kissing Secrets To Make Him Obsessed With You

Kissing secrets are not something you can read about everywhere. One must try to learn, or can be more clever by reading about them here and putting them to practice right away!

Kissing is an intimate act that can affect everyone substantially, especially men. What you might not know is that men are easier to start intercourse. On the other hand, women tend to reach their full sensuality when locked in a kiss.

Many men do not spend much time kissing. It depends a lot on biology. It is your job to make him feel the importance of kissing before a relationship or intercourse. Not many men know that, and women have to teach them if they want kissing done in the right way.

The emotional impact is enormous when kissing the one you like or love. However, you need to casually send a reminder to your lover. If you master how you kiss him, you will make him obsessed with you.

Viral Strange will show some kissing secrets that will make you an expert kisser!

1. Firstly, prepare to be kissable!

kissing secrets

No one wants to kiss someone who does not care about her oral hygiene. Make sure to cover all the details. You should smell fresh. Wash your teeth. Moisturize your lips and make them smoother.

2. Do not rush!

Kissing is intimate. It should not be mechanical and something you should get over with within the first seconds. Take your time with it, and do not rush. Be delicate with your movements and passionate. Feel it and be gentle with your lover.

3. Mix things up!

kissing secrets

Do not be a boring person! Play with each other and make it spicy! Mix things up to make it more interesting! Play around with your tongues and teeth. Pour your soul into it.

4. Use your hands, as well.

kissing secrets

Spice things up by using your hands, as well! Do not stand there like a robot. Stimulate and touch their face or their chest. Show him some love, girl!

5. You can kiss other parts besides lips, you know?

kissing secrets

Get out of the box! Do not only kiss his lips. Kiss his neck, or his chest, too. Don’t be so traditional. Kissing is more than lips! Be less predictable!

6. Feel it! Show emotions!

kissing secrets

Kissing is the best when you feel it. Show your feelings and emotions behind that kiss! Let him know that you want him. Show him the importance of kissing him.

Is kissing important to you? Do you feel confident about the way you kiss your lover? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Zhwlya Azad

There are two things I love to write about, one of them is travel and the second is food. Why not combine both of them and come up with relationships.

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