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15+ Rules That Don’t Make Sense

A Collection of rules that shoulde’t exist becouse are so dumb

Our life is regulated by laws and rules to mantain order and how things suppose to work. Some of this rules and laws are writen some are passed from a generation to another.Rules help us to do things in a right way from how to was your clothes without destroying them or to the most complicated ones like how a plane should fly to avoid accidents. But in today society peoples are becoming more and more lazy and intend let the others do their work and when life finally hits they fail badly even in simplest things like throw garbages in their place. And to deal with idiot behavior and endless lawsuits many companies include laws that many of us find it stupid and not making sense.

1. Pandemic told us we are not ready for digital world

During batteling with Covid-19 a good work at rising peoples morale with good laughs were the humans that showed us mostly everything that supposed not to in their front camera use. Keep your clothes ON peoples at any time.

2. Ohh a barbeque lover

Did you know that Air France put a rule that is prohibited to cook and campfire in the plane during their flights. At first everyone laughted and thought it was a joke than this rule was translated in every language.

3. Take the package off before use in Suppositories

As we all may think someone thought it was a dissolved package

4. Don’t use iron with our clothes on

I dont know way this rule is existing becouse everyone knows how damn hot is a iron during ironing but i surely know that the man who’s responsabile for this law creation has a good burn mark in his skin.

5. Don’t leave a child in clothes you wash

If i saw this i would take as a joke from the clothing company but OMG it isen’t.Obviously someone diden’t take them apart during clothe wash.

6.Don’t do sex with an animal like Porcupine

That’s way i hear on the news only ”Florida man” becouse apparently some guy in florida thought this is a great idea.

7. Cant scrach ears with cotton swabs in rehab

While in a rehab someone found a easy way to get painkillers and that was putting cotton swabs down the ear drum to be transported to an emergency room

8. Throw tampons in the right place


Apperently a owner who landed his rooms for rent lost allmost 50.000 dollars becouse the lady that was in one of his apartments throwed her tampons under the floor for many years and the blood did a great damage that needed to repair

9. Keep two pair of pants with you

At one of the cristmas partys a cormporation demanded its employers to bring two pair of pants for thouse that would urinate at the first ones

10. Do not use roller skates in the laboratory

A laboratory had a rule to use roller skates in a concrete floor until a smart manager come to ban this becouse a slip in a concrete floor would be a disaster.

11. Cant use marmite in prision

Marmite is prohibited in prison because it was fermented by the prisoners to create alcohol

12. Cant excuse for drunkenness roommates

At one university the professor told their students that are not anymore justified for their absentees becouse of spilled vomit from their drunked friends

13. Fourteen toilet paper rolls are prohibited in the same bathroom

This is the new policy of Walmart for its employees

14. You cant walk back during eating a donut

This rule is found in state of Ohio becouse peoples found hilarious to lure police horses away from the officer

15. Can’t play bowling blindfolded

Many wanted to play blindfolded but also many were injuried and thats why this rule was put to use

Written by Zhwlya Azad

There are two things I love to write about, one of them is travel and the second is food. Why not combine both of them and come up with relationships.

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