How To Feel More Attractive

13 things you can do to make yourself feel more attractive

There might be times when we may feel down. We don’t like how we look, feel, etc. It’s okay. It’s just a period. Viral Strange will list 13 things we can do to feel more attractive and joyful.

1. Keep a straight posture

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Keep a good posture. You will instantly feel more gracious and confident.

2. Do fun stuff

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Step up of your comfort zone! Do something that will make your heart race! Try some new, exciting activities.

3. Embrace yourself

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Any of us wishes we were in different circumstances at a point. No one is perfect. Accept yourself. Embrace yourself!

4. Mindset is key

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Try to cleanse your mind. Work on your inner self and exhale every negative emotion that passes by.

5. Fake it ’till you make it!

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Even if you’re not feeling confident, act like you are! Strong attitude.

6. Wear clothes that make you feel good

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Pick up your best complementing clothes and show off like the diva that you are!


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Smiling is the most attractive asset someone may have! Smile more!

8. Nice lingeries 😉

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Did you know that wearing nice lingeries will make you feel more attractive and sensual? Yes. Wear them.

9. Try to flirt

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Well, of course, knowing to flirt makes people feel more desirable. Hence, more attractive.

10. RELAX…

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Are you tired? Find a way to relax! Maybe a good reading or a day off of your socials is a good choice.

11. Take care of yourself

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A day at the spa or some girly night will give you that extra love and care.

12. Stay healthy

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Eat healthily and try to exercise daily. The dopamine level will get higher. You’ll feel more attractive!

13. Maybe it’s time for a new haircut?

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Yes… The new haircut. The new hair color. Every woman has tried this to get over some ‘mehh’ period in her life. Try doing it again, maybe? 🙂

Have you tried any of these pieces of advice? Which one has made you feel more attractive? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Zhwlya Azad

There are two things I love to write about, one of them is travel and the second is food. Why not combine both of them and come up with relationships.

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