Disowned For Loving A Black Man, Jake and Mary Still Together After 70 Years

Jake and Mary Jacobs’ 70-year marriage showcases the power of love overcoming racial prejudice and personal tragedy.

Jake and Mary Jacobs celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last year, a testament to their enduring love despite numerous challenges. In 1940s Britain, Mary, a white woman, fell in love with Jake, a black man from Trinidad. Despite societal and familial opposition, including Mary’s father disowning her, their commitment to each other never wavered.

Jake and Mary

The couple met during World War II at a technical college, bonding over shared interests like literature. Their relationship was scrutinized heavily, leading Mary’s father to forbid her from seeing Jake. Even when Jake returned to Trinidad, they stayed connected through letters. Upon his return to the U.K., Jake proposed, and despite family disapproval, they married in 1948 without any familial support.


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Early in their marriage, Jake and Mary faced severe discrimination, struggling to find housing due to landlords’ refusal to rent to a black man. Jake recalls facing daily abuse upon his arrival in the U.K. Despite financial struggles and societal prejudice, they persevered. A significant tragedy struck when Mary gave birth to a stillborn child at eight months, but their strength in each other helped them endure. Mary eventually became an assistant principal, while Jake worked at the Post Office, slowly building a stable life.

As the years passed, life became more comfortable, and they settled in Solihull. Reflecting on their journey, Jake and Mary have no regrets despite the hardships. Jake remembers the relentless discrimination, but their love proved stronger than any obstacle. Their enduring relationship showcases that love can indeed conquer all challenges.

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