Casual Hookups: Signs He Only Wants Your Body

Casual hookups might be your thing, too. However, if you are not into it, you might consider these signs to see if your crush is.

Casual hookups refer to physical encounters or relationships without the expectation of commitment or emotional attachment. Many guys only seek hookups. If it is your thing, it is okay. Just be clear about it from the start to avoid leading someone on.

However, some guys will only wine and dine you until they get what they want and move on to their next target, leaving you with a broken heart.

Viral Strange compiled a list of 10 signs indicating your crush’s interest in only casual hookups.

1. Women constantly surround him.

Casual hookups
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Constantly surrounded by women, he is a player who desires to keep his options open. He views women as mere objects for his amusement.

2. He does not open up to you.

Casual hookups
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He is reserved, so he rarely opens up to you. He is not forthcoming with information and does not seem at ease with allowing you to get to know him better. This lack of emotional connection means he does not want to be in a relationship with you.

3. He only compliments you on your appearance.

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He only compliments you on your appearance and never acknowledges your talents or admirable traits. His sole focus is on your physical appearance, indicating that he views you purely as an object for visual pleasure.

4. He always wants to stay in.

Casual hookups
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He is always eager to stay in, as it enables quick intimacy and allows him to keep himself available to other potential partners.

5. He gets physical right away.

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Words can hide emotions, but actions speak louder. When a man becomes overly touchy early in a relationship, it only means that physical intimacy is his focus, not emotional bonding.

6. He agrees with everything you say.

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Beware of a guy who always agrees with everything you say. It is unrealistic for two people to agree on everything. If you see a man constantly nodding to your opinions, it could mean he is being insincere and has an ulterior motive.

7. He does not ask you questions about your life.

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He avoids asking deep questions about your life and instead keeps conversations surface-level. That indicates a lack of interest in getting to know you on a deeper level or exploring your personality.

8. He keeps you away from his friends.

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If he does not introduce you to his friends, it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t see you as a significant part of his life. He doesn’t view you as someone worth integrating into his social circle, indicating a lack of interest in forming a deeper connection with you.

9. Foreplay is fast or inexistent.

Casual hookups
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Is he rushing through the warm-up and foreplay? He wants to reach what he wants. He only desires s*xual interaction.

10. Your gut feeling tells you that something is off.

Casual hookups
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Always trust your intuition when it signals that something is off. The instant instincts protect you. It’s crucial to listen to them and not let your emotions mislead you.

Have you ever experienced casual hookups that resulted in a broken heart? Tell us more in the comments. We would love to hear your story!

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Written by Zhwlya Azad

There are two things I love to write about, one of them is travel and the second is food. Why not combine both of them and come up with relationships.

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