Your Boyfriend Is Using You, And These Are The Signs

Do you feel like you are being used by your boyfriend? Well… No need to wonder. Here is a list with all the signs!

Your boyfriend might be using you, and you do not have a clue. Or do you? Usually, women have that sixth sense which helps them understand things before (or while) they happen. Yay! Lucky us!

However, nothing is black and white. Sometimes, your brain gets cloudy, and you cannot see crystal clear. We wish every woman gets a guy who loves them and treats them right!

Using people for your own agenda is never okay, no matter the gender! On the other hand, knowing that you are being used and trying to justify their actions is not good, either!

Viral Strange has compiled a list of signs that show our boyfriend might be using you.

1. He refuses to talk about commitment.

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This is one of the first signs! Commitment does not even cross his mind and he shows it. He refuses to talk about it. Your boyfriend is using you for his pleasure.

2. Your friends feel he is not right for you.

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You might not believe one friend, but when all of them start telling you he is not for you, you might want to listen. You might be blind from love, and a third eye is better.

3. He’s selfish.

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Being selfish is his thing, in the bedroom and everywhere else. He only cares about himself and his happiness. He does not consider you or your satisfaction.

4. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends.

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Friends are important (if you have any, lol.) If he does not introduce you to his friends, he is keeping you from an important part of his life. If he would care about you, he would like for you to meet his friends or family.

5. He always asks you for money.

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Now, ladies… There is nothing wrong to help the one you love when he is not in the best place. However, if he constantly depends on you for money, he is using you!

6. He constantly asks for favors.

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Are you in a relationship with a man or a baby? If he keeps asking you for favors like you are his mother, show him the door.

7. He does not care about your feelings.

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He does whatever he wants while not thinking about the repercussions of his actions. He does not care how you feel!

8. He does not show his affection.

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Love and affection are not part of his language. He only kisses or hugs you when he wants something from you. He does not make you feel appreciated.

9. Inconsistency is his second name.

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Hot and cold? He changes his mood faster than his bad habits. Being inconsistent means he behaves according to his needs.

10. He is secretive.

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Now, now… Is being secretive something he gives off as a vibe? Then, he is! He does not open up about anything he does or likes. He shuts you off, and that is everything you need to know that he is only using you.

11. He shows up only when he needs something.

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If you have given him the space to show up whenever he wants, that is what he will do. If he wants something from you, anything, he will call you. Then he will keep ghosting you again. It’s a NO from me!

12. He does not do dates!

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What is a relationship if you do not go on dates together? He does not want to spend time with you, or even worse, he does not want to be seen with you.

13. He has a bad reputation.

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I do not advise listening to people’s words, but sometimes they are not out of the blue. If he has a bad reputation, then most likely he will treat you the same.

14. He is not loyal.

your boyfriend
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Loyalty is crucial in a relationship unless you have both agreed on being in an open one. If he sees other girls while in a relationship with you, what are you waiting for? Ditch his a$$! You deserve better!

Is your boyfriend using you? We hope not! What is your biggest doubt about your relationship? Tell us more in the comments.

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Written by Dwarozh

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

– Henry Ward Beecher

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