10 Tricks to Bear The Heat During Hot Days

Trick to keep your cool when the hot weather is unbearable

If you do not have an AC, you know how it is when the hot weather hits! Right?

Well, keeping your cool even though you might not have an air conditioner is a must. Otherwise, all that high temperature will make a number on you…

Viral Strange gas gathered 10 tricks you might use when not having an AC and feeling damn hot!

1. Aloe Vera in your bedroom

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Aloe Vera is the perfect plant to cool down your bedroom temperature. By having a high water content in its leaves, it evaporates the moisture in the air through transpiration.

2. Use energy-efficient light bulbs

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Simple bulbs heat the room, the same as incandescent bulbs that emit 90-98% of energy as heat. On the other hand, LED bulbs don’t produce heat.

3. Make buckwheat pillows

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Buckwheat pillows help in reducing snoring and migraine. Also, being breathable, they allow your body heat to escape easier. DIY: Rind buckwheat. Sift the hulls. Fill your pillowcase with clean buckwheat.

4. Sleeping with a wet blanket

Hot nights can be easily managed by sleeping with a wet blanket. Just a little water will do the job.

5. Put your bed sheets in the freezer

Put your bed sheets in a plastic bag, then place them in the freeze for at least 10 minutes. Cold sheets will be a relief from the heat!

6. Make your own AC

You can DIY an AC! You only need a fan and a bottle of frozen water. Put it in front of the fan, and enjoy the cold blows!

7. Hang a wet sheet over the window

Hang a wet sheet over open windows to enjoy a cool breeze. You can even spray the curtains with cold water. Also, a wet towel on your fan will do a good job.

8. Breathe through your tongue

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Stick your tongue out, then fold it at the sides. Try to breathe through it. It might look crazy, but it helps to cool down your body temperature.

9. Sleep with a basin of cold water nearby

A basin of cold water near your bed might be a good solution. Dip your hands in it when feeling hot. It will bring down the body temperature. You can even use a frozen washcloth.

10. Sleep on the floor

© Naty Sweet / Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY 2.0

Sometimes, sleeping on the floor might be the catch. The heat is lower on the ground, so when feeling hot and sweaty, try to sleep on the floor to get rid of that heat of summer nights.

Have you tried any of these tricks? Tell us in the comments what else we might add to the list!


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