“I’m too hot to date but don’t call me arrogant, haters are just jealous and insecure”

Shirley Rosemary Flynn, 41, contends that her striking appearance creates dating challenges due to jealousy from ex-partners and unwelcome attention, while also sparking criticism and admiration, but she chooses to laugh off negative comments and hopes to inspire women to support rather than compete with each other.

“She’s too hot to handle the daters or the haters,” Shirley Rosemary Flynn, 41, claims that her good looks have made it seemingly impossible to date men, explaining that many of her exes would get jealous when she received attention from other men.

“I’ve been inundated by messages by men asking me for a date and even marriage proposals and offers abroad,” the OnlyFans model told South West News Service, adding that her social media accounts were filled with propositions from random men.


And Flynn said the amount of attention she received from men didn’t just cause issues with her boyfriends — it also rankled other women. “People think I’m arrogant and full of myself and say they don’t want to date me because I’m too arrogant,” she said.

Flynn also receives hate about her weight — also lots of love. “A lot of plus-size women think they won’t get attention from men — but I get more attention now than I did when I was slimmer,” she shared.


When Flynn does receive rude comments, she just laughs them off. “I thought it was funny — people saying I’m full of myself. It seems to be mainly from middle-aged or older women – because obviously they’re insecure. A beautiful, confident woman is not going to react to something like that; they’d laugh and move on.”

But Flynn doesn’t take the hate personally. “I think if all women felt confident and could look in the mirror and say to themselves, ‘I’m confident and beautiful and sexy’ — they wouldn’t be fighting amongst each other,” Flynn said.


She hopes she can inspire women to cheer one another on — instead of tearing each other down. “Rather than looking at other women and comparing, I tend not to do that – there’s women younger, slimmer, more beautiful than me,” Flynn said. “But I don’t compare myself to them — I high-five them.”

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