11 Clingy “Ugly” Truths About Your Girlfriend

11 things your girlfriend does when she loves you

The “perfect” girlfriend doesn’t exist. What’s okay for someone – isn’t for someone else. However, there are some things your girl does in your daily life when she wants you.

**We should keep in mind that these do not apply to all women. That doesn’t mean your girl doesn’t love you. Nevertheless, some people may find these controlling, possessive actions or even a lack of self-confidence. On the other hand, some others may accept them as a love language.

1. Texting you consistently.

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She doesn’t want to annoy you. She just wants to check up on you. Also, she needs to keep the communication ongoing. No one likes somebody that ignores her/him. That’s why she keeps texting you consistently.

2. She always likes to have you around.

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She wants to be included in your life as much as she wants you in hers. Wanting to be around you most of the time is because she wants you to act both as a team.

3. She gets upset when you don’t treat her right.


Of course, she gets upset when you don’t treat her right. Anyone would be! When you don’t treat her right, she starts thinking she deserves better, especially when she’s always trying to make you feel better! So keep in mind to be nice to her now and then. A reciprocated relationship!

4. She wants you to define the relationship.

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She isn’t someone to play around with. She doesn’t consider the relationship random, and she wants you to define it. In that way, you will assure her that you feel the same as she does.

5. She talks about a future with you.

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She thinks ahead. She wants a future with you, and she talks openly about it. She plans and envisions the future with you. She tries to do whatever she can to achieve that.

6. She gets touchy with you.

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She loves your presence, and she likes you physically, too. That’s why she is often touchy. She likes to constantly touch your hands or head because she… likes you. When it comes to physical affection, it’s always better to have too much love than too little.

7. She posts about you on her social media.

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Well… She is proud and likes to show off her boyfriends. Also, she marks her territory, right? She shows that she’s not available for other men, and… neither are you for other women.

8. She wants you to open up.

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She needs that good talk from you. She wants you to open up about everything in your life, whether happy or sad. That’s why she often asks many questions.

9. She makes time from her schedule to be with you.

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Time is precious for every one of us. When she clears her schedule to make time for you, it means that you are that important. She makes time because she knows that investing in a relationship is primary to having a successful one.

10. She can get possessive and territorial at times.

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Sometimes, she can get possessive and territorial because she values what you have, and she might be scared of losing you.

11. She tells you how she feels about you.

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She Doesn’t play hard to get with you. She doesn’t hide her true feelings. She always tells you about her feelings, especially how she feels about you.

Which one of these does your girl do? What’s your sincere thought on them? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Dwarozh

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