16 Funny Photos Shared By Married Men

Funny and honest photos shared by married men with a good sense of humor

What is a perfect marriage? Many people describe it differently, but the common thing is a good sense of humor!

Viral Strange has collected 16 photos shared by funny married men that know how to keep their marriage life always on edge… in a good sense! Enjoy…

1. My wife says I don’t understand breakfast in bed

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2. My wife naps like this…

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3. Never have I been so mad at my wife before.

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4. My daughter hates it when her sandwich is not cut perfectly in half. My wife had to up her game to annoy her.

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5. Asked my wife where my eye drops were. She responded, “in the bedroom on the tv stand under the light switch slightly trapped between the wall”. -Amazing

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6. The buzzer broke down. My wife stayed at home to wait for the repairman.

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7. I didn’t realize my wife left the kids’ presents in the car until I checked the rearview mirror.

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8. My wife has been waiting for 2 days for me to open the fridge. Lol

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9. My wife literally said, “don’t move”, then snapped this pic of me

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10. My husband loves me!!! Want to know why?? Today I broke his guitar and he is not going to divorce me!


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11. When you feed your husband a birthday cinnamon roll and forget that wax melts.


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12. My wife, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law are completely indiscernible from behind in the morning. The adopted Guatemalan child was thrown in for scale.

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13. My Wife left a note saying she left some french toast in the pan for me. Was disappointed

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14. That one time your wife helps you cut your hair 5 minutes before you leave for church. Thanks, babe, solid work.

15. My wife doesn’t know I’m working from home today. This is my wife, working on her novel. Expected release date: 2052.

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16. Google doesn’t know, either…

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Written by Dwarozh

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