16 Women That Embrace Their Natural Body And Beauty

Real-life women embrace their natural bodies with pride.

We live in the era of trending beauty standards that are too difficult to keep up with. And you know what? The majority of them are not worthy. We, as women, are always dictated by how we should look, behave, dress, etc.

Some women love themselves as they are. And they are beautiful. They choose to embrace their natural beauty and bodies, and they are proud of them!

Viral Strange has gathered 16 photos of women that embrace their bodies and they are beautiful!

1. “After years of struggling with my self-esteem due to my bald patches showing, I decided to get rid of what made me so unhappy, and I think I’m gonna rock this look!”

© Biolally / Reddit

2. “I may have some rolls, but who doesn’t love biscuits?”

© AndIForTruth / Reddit

3. “I went to the beach, and for the first time in my life, I enjoyed myself instead of scrutinizing how I looked.”

© atonalpotatoes / Reddit

4. “Basking my hairy pits in the sun!”

© hotyolk / Reddit

5. “I’m feeling brave and not wearing anything to cover up my chin acne.”

© puddingtrees / Reddit

6. “I’m slowly starting to work on loving myself and not getting too immersed in that social media ’perfect body’ representation; I’m slowly getting there.”

© Like-A-Potato / Reddit

7. “So much fur, I feel like a little bear or something!”

© dirtyfaeriehippie / Reddit

8. “Thick thighs save lives! Feeling happy in the sun!”

© sitcomghost / Reddit

9. “I used to hate my wide nose, but once I realized it’s my mom’s nose too, it became my favorite part of my face.”

© IlliteratelyYours / Reddit

10. “I got some new stuff at the mall, and this is your reminder that your tummy does not need to be perfectly flat! All tummies are valid and cute. 💕”

© Bells427 / Reddit

11. “This is a reminder to you all that you can have cellulite and spider veins and still be hot!”

© Coffee_Bandit / Reddit

12. “Today is my thirtieth birthday. I’d usually wear something black and baggy, but after 1 year of self-love, I bought myself my first sparkly (and fitted-ish) dress!”

© mrsadams21 / Reddit

13. “This will be the first summer I haven’t shaved. Sometimes I feel self-conscious, but mostly, I feel empowered!”

© Holiday36 / Reddit

14. “Your body looks so good!” -> “My body IS so good!”

15. “A reminder that all bodies are bikini bodies”

© nickslacey / Reddit

16. “Plus-sized and pregnant with my second — honestly, I’ve never felt more beautiful!”

© CaliChick830 / Reddit

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