Singer Lizzo Proudly Rejects Thinness

Singer Lizzo boldly embraces body positivity, defiantly dismissing criticism and societal pressure for thinness.

Singer Lizzo, a vocal advocate for body positivity, recently shared her personal experiences regarding stereotypes associated with her appearance, responding to a TikTok video.

As a plus-size artist, she showcases her vocal talents on stage and champions self-acceptance online.

She addresses prevailing notions regarding plus-size individuals engaging in exercise.

Singer Lizzo

On May 15th, she came across a TikTok video by @tiffriahgrande. The video raised an important question about the motivations behind plus-size individuals engaging in workouts. Lizzo found the perspective highly relatable and chose to express her agreement by sharing it.


Kicking off the video, Lizzo proudly declares, “Heavy on the not trying to escape fatness.”

As a singer and entertainer, she navigates physically demanding routines, like dancing and singing in snug attire that sometimes restricts her breath.

As her career progressed, she became increasingly mindful of her body’s well-being, acknowledging the importance of maintaining good health.

Singer Lizzo

In 2020, Lizzo adopted a vegan lifestyle and incorporated exercise, leading to noticeable changes in her body.

She emphasized that her choices were not driven by a desire to lose weight, challenging stereotypes surrounding people who make similar lifestyle changes.


“I think a lot of people see a fat person that way and immediately just assume everything they’re doing is to be thin,” she said in her video. “I’m not trying to be thin. I don’t ever want to be thin.”

Weight is not her priority; it holds no significance to the singer Lizzo.

Singer Lizzo

Leading a healthy life for Lizzo is for her mind, so when she looks in the mirror, she won’t feel ashamed or disgusted with herself. She said: “Exercise has helped me shift my mind, not my body.”

Lizzo champions body positivity by embracing her unique physique, going beyond trends to normalize and celebrate diverse bodies.

Her commitment to exercise reflects her belief in its positive influence on happiness, with physical activity boosting endorphin levels and contributing to overall well-being.

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