19 Times Girls Showed Behind-The-Scenes Of Their Gorgeous Pics

Girls sharing behind-the-scenes of their perfect photos

Beautiful photos require a lot of work. Yes, and we are not talking about a professional shooting the pictures, but a whole scene – often DIY at home, or the park.

Some girls have decided to share their photo shooting backstages and they are hilarious.

Viral Strange has gathered 19 behind-the-scene pictures that will show you the other side of a good photo.

1. “No angle? Find it.”

© Iivid / Twitter

2. “Snapchat vs Instagram”

© _KelseyMaggart / Twitter

3. “How invested are you REALLY in your insta selfies?”

© JoHerrstedt / Twitter

4. “My brother and sister are so fu*%ing extra”

© jaemajette / Twitter

5. “My version of Snapchat vs Instagram”

© torigotbored / Twitter

6. Bestfriend is the best photographer

© koleendiaz_ / twitter

7. Finding a good angle

© cecilia_lopez11 / Twitter

8. It’s not too much for a good pic

© ShaynaSsanford / Twitter

9. Instagram vs. Reality

© RufaroGarry / Twitter

10. Bird-eye angle

© daniellesneesby / Twitter

11. Lights, camera, action!

© KalynKp / Twitter

12. “I’m THAT friend”

© krissyniicolee / Twitter

13. “I don’t mean to brag again but my bf should have an award for this kinda sh*t”

© Casssidyysmith / Twitter

14. The whole team on the job

© aminah_mck / Twitter

15. Behind the scenes

© _KelseyMaggart / Twitter

16. That’s some sacrifice!

© KoriahShalea / Twitter

17. “The lightening is actually made by my pink thong. That’s how invested I am.”

© YellgoldyP / Twitter

18. Good camera lens

© AudzKate / Twitter

19. “Yes, sometimes you have to lie on the ground to get the shot.”

© MadeNChynna / Twitter

Have you ever used any of these tricks? Tell us in the comments.


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