23 Tricky Pics That Need a Second Glance

A collection of hilarious tricky pictures that need a second look

We often experience pareidolia, a type of illusion that tricks our brain into seeing things that aren’t there.

Viral Strange has collected 23 pictures that are tricky and hilarious.

1. I love you Mummy

© Instagram

2. Snow Cat

© VerGuy

3. Now that’s an air guitar.

© TheMonkeyz

4. Grandma Caterpillar Putting on Lipstick

© badgerfish

5. I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!

© syuk

6. There’s a toad in my coffee

© Reddit

7. This moisturizer came out looking like someone crying

© Instagram

8. To win as Blitzcrank you need to be the Blitzcrank

© Imgur

9. Ninja Leaf

© freeaccount

10. Pointless gate

© Imgur

11. Faceplant

© SteveBuschemi

12. I am watching you!

© sobore

13. Kitty wanted to be a fried egg

© GallowBoob

14. Hands up!

© BruijstensP

15. This muffin looks like a hamster

© FacesPics

16. Drunk Washing Machine

© FacesPics


© FacesPics

18. A rare find for the sneakerheads

© happytrails1

19. Corolla smoking a cigarette and using a selfie stick

© nirvanna94

20. Love is everywhere. Can you see it?

© Instagram

Which one reminds you of something familiar? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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