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25 Photoshop Fails That Will Make You LOL

A collection of photoshop fails that will surprise you

Using photo editing apps has become the new “normal” now that people are stuck in the social media world. Having a perfect body and face is everything when we’re talking about keeping that “social status”. It has become so bad that people sometimes forget how they look in reality.

Viral Strange has collected 25 photoshop fails that will make LOL and sad at the same time.

1. She’s more beautiful without photoshop!

2. Big neck, small body

3. Six pack! And that head, guys…

4. Uhm…

5. Do you see it?

6. WHY?

7. Straight from animes

8. It’s kinda creepy


9. Dude!

10. Now that’s photoshop!

11. Face App at its 100%

12. Please, stop this…

13. Where’s the body of the horse?

14. Waiting for her to break

15. Yep. The same…

16. Imagine if we had that face during workouts

17. “Let me fix something”

18. Too much…

19. Adult vs. teenager

20. Catfish


22. Oh, my…

23. Changing race

24. Who are you, girls?

25. Natural body…

Which one surprised you the most? Would you transform yourself with editing apps only to look perfect on social media? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Written by DADADEL

Adelaida, the founder of Dadadel Creative, boasts a multifaceted background, blending expertise in software engineering, copywriting, and digital marketing. Prior to establishing her agency, she honed her skills as the former Head of the News Department at a regional media outlet, and also amassing 18 years of experience as a host. She has a penchant for sarcasm, a passion for lifestyle topics, and an undeniable love for cats.

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