Georgina’s curvy rear ”dissapears” in a photo by Iranian newspaper

Georgina Rodriguez’s shapely rear end was censored by an Iranian newspaper, known for its conservative views, in a family photo celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s 39th birthday.

In a family photo celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s 39th birthday, Georgina Rodriguez is depicted wearing a form-fitting black dress, embracing Ronaldo’s eldest son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., as the family gathers around a birthday cake.

The image, shared on Ronaldo’s Instagram account with over 621 million followers, garnered global attention, including from the Iranian newspaper, Hamshahri. However, rather than printing the original, Hamshahri chose to edit the photo, conspicuously removing Rodriguez’s rounded buttocks. The crude Photoshop job appears to have flattened Rodriguez’s bottom from her waist to her lower thigh.

According to a source speaking to The Sun, Rodriguez is likely to be deeply disappointed by the newspaper’s digital alteration, as she takes pride in her physique and works hard to maintain her curves. This incident sheds light on societal attitudes towards women’s bodies in certain regions, highlighting the distorted perspectives that prevail.

Despite boasting 57 million followers on her own Instagram account, Rodriguez has recently adopted a more conservative approach to her social media posts, particularly after Ronaldo’s transfer to the Saudi Arabian football team Al Nassr, in compliance with the stricter dress codes of the Muslim country. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran enforce strict laws dictating women’s attire, with severe penalties, including imprisonment, for violations.

Written by Telha

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