33 year old man gets prison, deceived two men to have anonymous sex through a sheet hole

Tony Sfeir deceived two men by posing as a woman online, inviting them to his Toronto home for sexual encounters behind a makeshift barrier, resulting in his conviction on two counts of sexual assault and a 28-month prison sentence, with plans to appeal.

Tony Sfeir, aged 33, perpetrated a disturbing deception by leading two men to believe they were engaging in online communication with a woman, subsequently luring them to his Toronto residence for anonymous sexual encounters facilitated through a makeshift barrier—a sheet with a hole.


The elaborate ruse unraveled when one of the men dismantled the setup, revealing Sfeir hiding on the floor, donning a black wig as part of his disguise.

Found guilty on two counts of sexual assault by Ontario Court Justice Cathy Mocha, Sfeir received a sentence of 28 months in prison and a mandate to register as a sex offender for a decade. Despite the verdict, he plans to appeal the conviction, adamantly maintaining his innocence and contesting the legal foundation of his conviction.


Justice Mocha emphasized the severity of the breach of trust and the calculated planning involved in Sfeir’s deception, highlighting the profound impact on the victims, who now grapple with feelings of self-doubt and guilt.

Written by Telha

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