7 Life Hacks That Will Refresh Your Body

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It’s undeniable that we feel tired and our body feel bored and tired over time and this can easily reflect on our appearance and our performance, these are our top 7 picks to make you fill refreshed and make you feel new:

1- Use Apple & Strawberry and Orange to whiten your teeth.

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It’s undeniable that sometimes our teeth look pale or stained no matter how much we take care of them. Fortunately there are natural ways to whiten your teeth and remove all those stain that accumulate over time and can’t be removed by toothpastes, you can prepare this mix by:

A– Slice the apple , strawberry and the orange with some non-chemical toothpaste and put them in a mixer and let them mix well .
B– Keep removing any water or juice from the mixer and add more paste until the mix feel pasty .
You can use this mix twice a day until a week then stop using it for 3-4 weeks and then you can prepare and use it again if you want better results.

2- Drink coffee to digest fats better.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Ever feel diarrhea or uncomfortable after eating some food that contains fat !
Well no worries because according to recent research coffee can promote the action of the gallbladder that is the main organ for digestion of fat and prevent accumulation of crystal in the gallbladder.

3- Drinking collagen can give you better results than applying it to your skin.

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Some recent Researches suggest that if you want shinny skin and more wrinkle-free skin, it’s better to drink collagen as a drink than applying it directly to your skin.

4- Break fast should be eaten within 45 minutes after waking up.

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Although eating breakfast can be beneficial for your health if taken anytime in the morning ,but recent researches suggest that we should take our breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up could yield much more health benefits than taking it hours after waking up.

5- Make your nails look better by applying toothpaste to it.

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Continues use of nail colorant and all those chemical can result your nails to look aweful , raw and rough.

Toothpastes, especially the ones that promote keratin levels are one the best medication for your nails.

Toothpastes are known for their keratin promoting activity and since nails are mainly keratin they can benefit from it.
you can apply the toothpaste and let it sit for 20-30 minutes for at least a week , you sgould be able to see better looking nails .

6- you can lose weight by only drinking lemon water and salt plus some chili.

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Losing weight without any efforts is anyone’s dream.

What if we tell you that there’s a way to lose couple of pounds each month just by drinking some magical mix.
The mix is simple you just need to slice 2 lemons into 1 liter of water and add 1 teaspoon of salt .
Also if you’re willing to lose more weight you can eat 2 hot peppers daily and you should be able to lose slowly but surely.

7- eat eggplants to elevate your sexual performance.

Ever suffered from low sexual desire or poor sexual performance during intercourses !
Well you should not always take medication as nature gifted us with some great plants such as eggplant that can elevate your sexual desire and sexual performances.
Also we would like to let you know that cooked eggplants can yield better results than fried ones .

Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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