AirBnb bans all indoor cameras

Airbnb’s upcoming ban on indoor security cameras in rentals, effective April 30, follows consultations with stakeholders and aims to address concerns over privacy violations, with Vrbo supporting the move due to its existing policy against indoor cameras since 2022, amidst incidents prompting legal actions and settlements.

Airbnb has recently announced a forthcoming ban on the utilization of indoor security cameras within rental properties, set to take effect on April 30.


This decision follows consultations with various stakeholders, including guests, hosts, and privacy experts. Previously, Airbnb allowed hosts to install cameras in common areas as long as guests were informed, but bedrooms and bathrooms were strictly off-limits.

The change reflects growing concerns about privacy violations and comes in response to incidents involving hidden cameras in rentals, which have resulted in legal actions and settlements.


Notably, Vrbo, a competitor in the vacation rental industry, has welcomed this move, emphasizing its own longstanding policy against indoor cameras, implemented since 2022.


Despite the ban on indoor cameras, hosts will still be permitted to use outdoor surveillance devices like Ring cameras, provided they respect areas where guests have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

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