Rental Homes That Were a Total Disappointment

Not all rental homes are luxurious or comfy as they appear on the listings. Some are a total disappointment when in front of them.

Rental homes are supposed to be comfy, at least. Not all people want luxurious places. Everyone books the ones they can afford, of course, but they expect the bare minimum. However, not all of these houses are as they appear on the listings.

Viral Strange has collected 15 pics of rental homes that were a total disaster.

1. Airbnb’s perfect ad placement.

Rental Homes
© iwillupvoteanythingwithacatinnomatterthecontextorage / Imgur

2. $500 per week excluding expenses. Close to shops.

© moogoquack / Imgur

3. I went on a trip several weeks ago to New Orleans, and our Airbnb host didn’t tell us until we landed that the pool was unusable.

Rental Homes
© daxter304 / Reddit

4. Airbnb with a surprise waiting for us

© the_long_grape / Reddit

5. Horror Story. The quickest way to lose $1000!

Rental Homes
© SergeySap / Imgur

6. I reserved an Airbnb with Sea View…. can’t complaint

© weully / Reddit

7. Turns out my VRBO in Hawaii was infested with roaches..customer service deemed it as a “minor issue”

Rental Homes
© tomalva / Reddit

8. This moldy shower curtain is at a prohibitive Vrbo rental near the beach. The bathroom has pink stuff on the walls too.

© boopboop_barry / Reddit

9. Mushrooms growing in the bathroom

Rental Homes
© elbandito / Imgur

10. Our VRBO we rented for spring break this week… and also paid extra for Covid deep cleaning

© Unknown author / Reddit

11. This tv at the Airbnb I’m staying at

Rental Homes
© JustonianD / Reddit

12. After the rain

© oliverullman5 / Imgur

13. Mylènes Apartment Condition

Rental Homes
© GarryWebb / Imgur

14. Well…

© Twinklystein / Imgur

15. Just a bunch of broken sh*t

Rental Homes
© TastyLawn / Imgur

What would you do if you went on vacation and your rental home was like this? Tell us in the comments below.

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