Alicia McCarvell Urges Breakdown of Beauty Prejudice

Alicia McCarvell promotes self-love and urges the breakdown of beauty prejudice. She was considered ‘not pretty enough’ for her husband.

Alicia McCarvell and Scott are proof of how true love transcends boundaries of size, height, and age. Society often emphasizes the importance of physical attributes over genuine connections, but this couple reminds us that love and happiness stem from within and that we should never judge others based on appearances.

Alicia McCarvell promotes body positivity

Alicia McCarvell
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Her social media presence has skyrocketed thanks to her funny posts and her advocacy for body positivity. Despite having gained millions of admirers and followers who keep up with her adventures, she still faces criticism and negative comments about her relationship with her husband.


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Alicia chose to speak up after a video she posted went viral, but for all the wrong reasons. In the video, she and Scott participated in a transformation trend by appearing in towels and then fully dressed. 

The response was overwhelmingly negative, with strangers expressing shock that Scott, who is fit, could be in a relationship with a plus-size woman like Alicia. The comments were hurtful and showed a lack of understanding about love and relationships.

She faces many assumptions daily

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The Canadian content creator, Alicia, opened up about the constant assumptions she faces daily: “’Oh, she was probably not fat when they met,’ or ’she must be rich,’ ’he must be gay,’ or ’he has a fetish for fat women.’ We have been led to believe that someone who is physically fit, like Scott, could never, in a million years, be in love or be compatible with a fat woman.”

Alicia and Scott’s loving relationship is not widely known, but it is a testament to the power of true love. The couple first fell for each other in school and has been together for 16 years. Despite facing numerous challenges, they have always remained supportive and respectful of each other, celebrating their love at every stage of their lives.

Alicia says Scott was her biggest support through difficult times

Alicia McCarvell
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Alicia shared that during a difficult time in her life when she lost her job, it was Scott who provided unwavering support and encouragement to help her find her path and pursue her dreams. This led to the creation of their funny couple videos, showcasing the laughter and joy that is a constant in their lives. Scott wanted to introduce the world to Alicia’s charming personality and share with others the reason for his boundless love for her.

Becoming a content creator was a transformative experience for Alicia, resulting in her gaining millions of followers. Through her interactions with others, she has gained important insights into self-esteem. Despite her current social media success, Alicia struggled with self-doubt in the past and admitted that for a long time, she thought like others and believed she didn’t deserve Scott’s love: “I believed if I didn’t like myself, how could he?”

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Alicia recognizes that her low self-esteem and insecurities caused difficulties in her marriage. However, through her journey of self-acceptance, she came to understand that Scott saw her differently than she saw herself. Her advice to others is to avoid making assumptions about their partners and to remember that they may view them differently than they view themselves.

Alicia realized that her husband’s love for her has always been steadfast, but what has shifted is her perspective, allowing him to love her in the way he has always desired.

She urges the breakdown of beauty standards


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This newfound understanding prompted Alicia to address the criticism and negativity they receive online by spreading awareness about the damaging effects of unrealistic beauty standards and emphasizing the significance of acknowledging a person’s true worth and value. “The world looks at us and immediately gives more value to Scott than to me,” shared the influencer.

Alicia disclosed that her husband had received messages from women who were slim and conventionally attractive, suggesting that he should be with someone like them. “Me telling myself for most of our relationship that I am not worthy of his love due to my body is the same as this thin woman telling him that she is worthy of him due to her body,” said Alicia.

Alicia McCarvell
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Alicia also shared that she is frequently asked if she feels envious of the attention Scott receives. However, she strongly emphasized that she feels secure in their love because she knows that Scott appreciates her for her sense of humour, dedication, and kind heart – traits that do not correlate with her appearance or weight.

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Alicia encourages individuals to concentrate on the inner qualities that truly define them, instead of just focusing on physical appearance. She acknowledges the reality that society places excessive importance on specific beauty standards, which have been deeply ingrained in us for a long time. Nevertheless, she firmly believes that it is possible to change this and everyone must challenge and dismantle these biases.

Have you ever experienced being criticized due to your decisions or appearance? How did you handle that experience?


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  1. I am an over weight women who has always had low self-esteem issues then almost 9 years ago I reconnected with an old friend from many years ago and he was a very tall and skinny guy. He did not see the weight, he loved being with me and told me all the time that he thought I was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. I would literally cry when he complimented me for the first year or 2 because I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. He wouldn’t stop telling me though till finally I started to see it and started being more comfortable with myself. Unfortunately I lost him just recently to his own demons and I feel lost because no one ever loved me like him. I know I need to take care of myself though and live for him and know that he knew I was beautiful inside and out. These 2 are beautiful for each other and all those haters can go somewhere with themselves.

  2. I love this couple she is adorable and confident in herself which makes her beautiful. She also dresses cute and nice she isn’t one of those people who have to show all her skin for attention. She dresses appropriately for her body type which is very flattering on her. This shows confidence and respect and not just wanting to grab attention. How could he not love her. Not all attractive, in shape, attractive men are shallow Jerks. There are still some good ones as he displays.