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Be a man. Tell her the truth!


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Be a man. Tell her the truth!

She might get mad at you, but what is worse is she will not trust you again. You have to tell her the truth because she might forgive you eventually. The truth is, when you keep on lying to her, she will eventually find out.

She might act that she does not know anything, but she does. She already knows all the secrets you try to hide and conceal. No matter how painful the truth, maybe she can handle it for sure, but she will not be able to handle your lies because you make her feel worthless.

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It is not easy to trust someone, and he ends up breaking it with no hesitations. You have to be fair to her. You have to tell her the truth because it will be more painful if she finds out the truth, coming from other people.

It is not easy to be with someone who treats you like a fool who knows nothing. It is sure not easy to be with someone who casually lies as if it is not a big deal. It is surely not easy to believe his lies and sweet talks.

She is not acting as if everything is okay. She is observing your every move. She is waiting for you to confess. She is waiting for you to drop the bomb.

You do not have to wait for the day when she realizes that she had enough of your bullshit. Because if that happens, she will no longer look back and accept you back.

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When it is finally over for her, there will be no turning back. It will be over for her for good. There will be no chances at all because she already did in the past.

When you lost her for good, it will be a big loss on your part. You just lost someone who loves you more than anything else. You just lost a precious woman because you are too busy chasing temporary fun and happiness.

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