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    A Thank You Letter to My Brave Self

    Dear brave self, Thank you for not giving up despite the challenges that you have encountered along the way. People do not have any idea the pieces of baggage you are carrying, but you did not give up on anything. They know nothing about the battles you are facing, but you did not forget to […] More

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    Repercussions of Being A Middle Child

    As we grow older, we tend to discover more about ourselves. Was there a point in your life wherein you asked yourself what made you who you are today? Have you tried to assess yourself as to why you behave that way? According to some theorists, our birth order has a big role in how […] More

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    A Heartfelt Open Letter to the One That Got Away

      To the one that got away,  I hope you are having the best time of your life now. I hope you are happier. I hope you are pursuing your passions and dreams. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I hope you are making the most out of everything too. It has been […] More

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    12 Signs That You Are a Strong Independent Woman

    Being a woman is definitely hard. You have to deal with challenges in your life. You have to deal with a lot of body issues. You have to deal with your emotional breakdowns. You have to deal with society in general as well. How does it feel to live being a strong and independent woman? Viral Strange came up […] More

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    10 Signs That He Is a Toxic Boyfriend

    While it is true that there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend, but you have to be careful with the red flags. You really have to be observant enough because it will create so much negative impact on your life. Being in a toxic relationship will do nothing good to you. Do not tolerate someone […] More

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    An Open Letter To My Ex: My Final Goodbye

    These are my final words for you. What we had was special. I admit it was one of the best days of my life. The first months were smooth-sailing. We were so inseparable. My whole world revolved around you. You gave me countless reasons to be happy. Every day that we were together always felt […] More

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    Be a man. Tell her the truth!

      Be a man. Tell her the truth! She might get mad at you, but what is worse is she will not trust you again. You have to tell her the truth because she might forgive you eventually. The truth is, when you keep on lying to her, she will eventually find out. She might […] More

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    8 Best Reasons Why Being Single is Actually the Best Thing Ever

    There might be a point in your life wherein everyone is in a relationship and you feel like you’re being left out. It is totally okay to acknowledge that feeling, but being single is fine. Your happiness is never measured in being intimate with someone, so never pressure yourself. You might not know that after […] More

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    9 Reasons Why Dating a Low-Maintenance Girl is the Best Choice

    Dating is one of the most exciting things to happen in your life,  most especially if you have a girl who does not demand so much from you. Viral Strange listed down below the top 9 reasons why dating a low-maintenance girl is the best choice: 1. She does not basically care on how she […] More