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A Thank You Letter to My Brave Self

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Dear brave self,

Thank you for not giving up despite the challenges that you have encountered along the way. People do not have any idea the pieces of baggage you are carrying, but you did not give up on anything. They know nothing about the battles you are facing, but you did not forget to smile no matter how tough your day gets.

Thank you for always believing in yourself because no one will do it for you. There are a lot of hurtful things they say, but please do not get distracted. You have to focus on your goals because those are what truly matters. You have to believe in yourself because you will be successful very soon. You have to quit doubting yourself because you are more than capable of achieving your dreams.

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Thank you for being patient in the process of attaining your dreams because it will never be an easy journey. You will meet people who will try to dull your light. They will try to bring you down because they do not want to see you attaining success. Those who do not want to see you succeed because they have an envious heart. You have to focus on improving yourself and continue to thrive despite the stones they throw at you.

Thank you for loving yourself because that is the most important thing to do now. You can’t expect people to be there for you always. You have to embrace your flaws because they make you more beautiful. You are beautiful despite the imperfections and the doubts you have in yourself. You have to love yourself for you to be the best version of yourself. You can’t expect people to give the best love, so please love yourself first.

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Thank you for finally accepting that not everyone stays because there will always be temporary people in our lives. You do not have to regret anything because you can learn lessons you will ponder forever. Not everyone will be true to their sweet words and promises, but that is okay. You have to learn from the heartbreaks you had. It does not make you anything less when you are breaking inside. You have to use your pain to something worthwhile. You have to use your hurt into something that will even make you a better person.

Thank you for not taking revenge on those people who made you wrong. Thank you for always being the bigger person and for understanding their reasons. Thank you for being patient with people who do not see the good in you. Some people will never be on your side because we can’t always please everyone. You have to focus on those people who see your potentials. You have to be with people who stand for the same love you stand for.

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Thank you for continually seeing the goodness in people. Thank you for you did not become like them who speak ill to other people. For always choosing to pray for them than speak of negativity. You do not have to be so hard on yourself because you are doing great in life. Everything worthy will always take time to build and to achieve. You have to keep on going because you will have your time too.

Thank you for choosing to love despite the experience you had. Thank you for believing that the right love will find its way to you. True love will happen at the right time when you are ready to share your genuine self with that person. It can wait when you are already secure with yourself. You have to thank yourself for bracing the pain and for becoming stronger in the process.

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Thank you for making your parents proud despite how imperfect you are. You may feel that you are not the best child for them, but they cherish your existence without any doubt. You have to keep going in life because they believe so much in you. They are the ones who will never leave you no matter what happens. Some people may choose to abandon you, but they will not.

Thank you for prioritizing your happiness. Thank you for doing your best to protect your inner peace. You have to continue to stay away from people who exude so much negativity in life. You do not need that kind of energy because it will only drain your being. You have to focus on the things that you have to work on because you are always learning. You have to be open to new things and possibilities because life is full of different flavors.

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Thank you for not choosing to have regrets despite everything because it shaped you to be wiser than before. You learned your limitations in the process of self-discovery. You have become more aware of your strengths in dealing with difficult situations. You have become more mature in handling situations in your life. Thank you for forgiving those who made you wrong because you do not deserve to carry that grudge forever. You only deserve nothing but peace, love, and joy.

Thank you for being better than yesterday and for owning up to your mistakes too. Thank you for being brave in apologizing to people whom you hurt intentionally and unintentionally. It takes courage to say sorry and to do better the next time. You do not have to punish yourself for making mistakes because that is part of growing in life.

Thank you for choosing to see the brighter side of life. Thank you for always believing that the sun will always shine after every storm. You have to get some rest if you need it, but you have to continue to fight. You can pause and reflect for yourself, but you have to keep going when you are ready. You have to continue to believe that you are already on your way to healing. You do not have to feel bad if it takes time because your journey is not the same with everyone. You have to be your own skin because you are amazing for who you are.

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