An Open Letter To My Ex: My Final Goodbye

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These are my final words for you.

What we had was special. I admit it was one of the best days of my life. The first months were smooth-sailing. We were so inseparable. My whole world revolved around you. You gave me countless reasons to be happy. Every day that we were together always felt special. I felt delighted because you always made me feel secure in our relationship. 

You always made me feel that I matter. You listened to my stories even if they were repetitive at times. You always make sure that I share how I feel all the time.

It was definitely unexpected, but you gave me tons of butterflies in my stomach. When we held our hands, it felt like forever. Your hugs made me feel safe from the world’s chaos. Your kisses made me feel that you have so much respect for me.

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At this point, I am still confused. I do not really know how to feel. I am sad because we failed to fulfill our promises. We easily gave up on our future. But trust me when I say that I will still support you. I will still include you in my prayers. I pray that you will meet someone who will really give you genuine happiness and love. I hope that you will meet someone that will also love you until the end.

Do not worry because I am not mad at you.

I respect your decision. I cannot force you to stay with me. I cannot force you to choose me. One thing for sure is I do not have any regrets at all. You were one of the best things that ever happened in my life. 

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For now, let me say that I still love you. If I have to live a different life, I will still choose you. It hurts so much to deal with this heartbreak, but hopefully, I will feel better very soon. I am crying writing this letter because it brings back so many memories.

This is such a bitter-sweet ending from a chapter of our lives, but maybe this is God’s way of telling us that we deserve better. 

I will never be the same person for sure, but this will make me braver in the long run. 

Please take care of yourself!


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