12 Signs That You Are a Strong Independent Woman

Being a woman is definitely hard. You have to deal with challenges in your life. You have to deal with a lot of body issues. You have to deal with your emotional breakdowns. You have to deal with society in general as well. How does it feel to live being a strong and independent woman?

Viral Strange came up with a list of 12 signs that you are a strong independent woman:

1. You do not need a man to validate your existence.

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You do not feel the need to have someone to appreciate your beauty. You do not need a man to know your true worth and value. You do not need a man to complete your existence. You appreciate your body and you want to look good for yourself, not because of him. 

2. You have fully embraced your flaws and imperfections.

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You’ve reached that point in your life where you stop caring about what people think of you. You have embraced your stretch marks, your body shape, and body type. You know yourself better than anyone, so do not listen to their opinions of you.

3. You do not depend on a man for material things.

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You are hustling for your own money. You can afford to buy stuff because you are working so hard. You do not settle for a relationship to be a free-loader. 

4. You can stand your ground alone.

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You’ve been to major storms in your life, and you made it. You have faced many battles in the past, and you have successfully surpassed them. 

5. You are driven and competitive.


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Whenever you want something, you always do your best to get it. You are always motivated and would always do your best in whatever situations. 

6. You are not self-centered, but you would prefer to do things on your own than be with someone.

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You’ve been so used to being alone in your daily living that you have become so independent. You can  do things quicker when you do it by yourself. 

7. You are a risk-taker.

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You are not afraid to take risks. You are ready to face whatever consequences may be. You are bold, smart, and confident. You speak your mind without hesitations.

8. You are giving.

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You share your blessings with people because you understand the feeling of having nothing. You pamper them with gifts all the time. 

9. You are protective of your loved ones and friends.

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You always make them feel that you behind their backs when they need someone. You assure them that you will be there until the end. You might be tough inside, but you always have soft spots for them. They are your strength and weakness all the time. 

10. You do not fall in love easily.

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You are too focused on your career, so being in a relationship is not your priority. You do not fall easily for sweet words. You do not settle with anybody that easily. Basically, you do not have time for love at all.

11. At this point in your life, you are very busy building your empire.

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You are starting to have your own business. You are busy traveling the world and collecting memories. You are busy fulfilling your goals and visions.

12. Whenever you have breakdowns, you keep to yourself.

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You don’t want people to pity you. You do not want to see them that you are crying. You do not want people to perceive you as weak because they have known you as someone strong. You tend to be strong because you do not have a choice at all.

Being strong and independent does not mean that you are always strong. It is not a weakness when you ask for help. It is not a weakness when you cry. There is strength in acknowledging that you can be weak sometimes too. There is nothing to be ashamed of because you are a human being. You have feelings and emotions that you cannot set aside all the time.

Being independent taught you to never settles for less, but you are not egoistic. You only want the best for yourself because that is what you deserved. 

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