A Heartfelt Open Letter to the One That Got Away

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To the one that got away, 

I hope you are having the best time of your life now. I hope you are happier. I hope you are pursuing your passions and dreams. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I hope you are making the most out of everything too.

It has been months since our journey ended, but I am still longing for you. It is indeed true that it is difficult to forget the one that you truly love because you shared so much of yourself. It is hard to start over all over again because you have always been the most special person in my life. Looking at the bright side of life is difficult, but the storm will be over soon.

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I will not lie that the pain still cuts deep. The memories still linger. I miss your presence every single day. I miss your existence, and the good times we had are playing on repeat in my head. I wish I am braver back then. I wish I was strong enough to really fight for my love. I am sorry because fear took me down. I should have listened to myself. I should have stood my ground for you. I am sorry if I was too weak to be there for you when you needed me.

For a long time, I have been battling with a lot of regrets. I hated myself for so long because I did not fight for our love. I hated myself because I was so afraid to take risks.

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I thought that our love has always been enough. I thought we can always surpass anything given to us. I thought we were courageous enough to keep our relationship alive. I thought our love was stronger than anything. I still love you, but I have to go. I still need you, but you have a different life now. My heart still beats for you, but we can’t be together anymore. I will still be here for you, no matter what. I will love you at a distance. Just know that you still have me. You can still count on me. How I wish we can relive the time that we had.

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It will be a long ride, but I have to move on. I have to embrace everything now. Maybe I will never be over with you. I know that you will always have a special place in my heart. I know for sure that I will be hurting for a long time, but I will do my best to make it. Thank you for the genuine happiness. I could not ask for more from you. We had a good ride. I will forever cherish the special love that we had.

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