Repercussions of Being A Middle Child

As we grow older, we tend to discover more about ourselves. Was there a point in your life wherein you asked yourself what made you who you are today? Have you tried to assess yourself as to why you behave that way? According to some theorists, our birth order has a big role in how we behave and act today. Does being a middle child a challenge in itself?

What is the middle child syndrome?

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Middle Child Syndrome is a hypothetical condition that middle children are neglected or not given much attention by their parents because of the birth order. 

Pioneering Study.

Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist, is the first to pioneer the study on how birth order affects a person’s totality. According to him, birth order has a lasting effect on someone’s personality and all that. It affects how he sees himself and how he connects to other people. 

As for Adler, a child has his own personality basing on his birth order. Here are the examples:

The oldest is independent, responsible, and tends to be good in decision making. 

The youngest becomes spoiled and the most pampered. 

The middle child becomes the aloft, quiet and would tend to become a misfit. 

Traits of middle children.

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  1. His personality is quite not noticeable. He remains quiet on certain things and loves peace.
  2. He might find unfairness in how his parents treat him. There might be a feeling of being jealous in the end for not getting the love and attention that he deserves to have.
  3. He might try to prove himself to people that he is also capable of doing great things.
  4. He might act rebellious sometimes to catch his parents’ attention.
  5. He loves to please people and ask for their approval on things.

My story.

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As a middle child in the family, I would say that the birth order did not affect who I am today. Growing up, I pretty much had a happy childhood. My parents made sure to provide equally for all of us. There was never an instance that I competed with my siblings because we developed a strong sense of connection.

My personality.

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I am like the loudest in the family. I am actually the one who normally cracks jokes around. I am the most cheerful and outgoing one in the family. I am open-minded, strong, and independent.

My relationships with other people.

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I developed a secure relationship with other people because I feel secure with who I am. I settle for long-term relationships because I find it a waste of time settling with temporary ones.

What does Science have to say?

Researchers are still currently debating about the effect of birth order on someone’s personality. Nothing is really conclusive because several factors have to look into in detail. It is not just birth order that shapes someone’s personality. It is somehow the same as the Nature versus Nurture, where researchers are debating whether people’s behavior is determined by genes or the social environment that he is in.

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