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10 Signs That He Is a Toxic Boyfriend

While it is true that there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend, but you have to be careful with the red flags. You really have to be observant enough because it will create so much negative impact on your life. Being in a toxic relationship will do nothing good to you. Do not tolerate someone who is giving you so much pain. It will only hurt you so much in the end.

Here are Viral Strange’s 10 signs that he is a toxic boyfriend.

1. If he is way too controlling

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He does not let you wear whatever you want to wear. He wants you to follow whatever his commands are. Girl, he does not own your body, so do whatever you wanted to do with it. If his toxic masculinity is showing, so you have to cut him off.

2. If he easily gets upset and be enraged when you are in an argument

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He cusses you and would easily lose his cool. In the early stage of your relationship, and he is acting such, he will not change for good. Trust me!

3. If he physically and emotionally  abuses you

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He resorts to physical violence when he is upset and angry. He chokes and beats you endlessly. He would emotionally blackmail you too. When he does this, you have to report him to the authorities.

4. If he does not respect you or even the people that you love

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He tends to humiliate you in front of his friends.  He also  shows tension to your loved ones by provoking them. He cusses them too. If he does not respect your family members, he will also not respect you. If respect is not there in your relationship, then you are in big trouble.

5. If he is overly jealous for no reason at all

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He does not like it when you go out with your friends. He makes you feel guilty for going out with them. He is very possessive with you. He is also very manipulative with your emotions.

6. If he is very impatient and does major tantrums

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Every time that you buy personal stuff with him, he easily gets irked when he has to wait for you to be done. He would walk out in your face for no clear reason at all.

7. If he is a liar

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He always keeps on breaking your trust. He keeps on saying that he will change his ways, but he keeps on doing it repeatedly. His actions are way too different from what he says.

8. If he always compares you with other girls

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He wants you to be like the other girls. He knows that you do not like to wear make-up, but he urges you to do it. If he can’t accept you for who you are, then being in a relationship with him is pointless. Why would he be talking about other girls when you are the one with him? Why does he wish you to be someone else?

9. If does not listen and hates being corrected

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He is not teachable. He got a huge ego. He would always think that he is the best around. He always makes you feel that his opinion is the only thing that matters.

10. If he always makes you feel less

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He doesn’t appreciate your efforts. He doesn’t make you feel growing in your relationship all.

Being in a relationship entails a lot of strength, but you really have to know when to end it. You have to learn how to stand up for yourself because love will never be enough. You have to leave when you are no longer being respected or the people you loved the most.

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  1. My husband does none of these well Sept he doesn’t listen but he loves it when I correct him and help him understand what I’m talking about I’ve been on him about if he don’t know what I’m talking about plz plz plz don’t just say yeah cause it will upset me when I talk about it later and you are without a clue I ask him if he could plz join in my conversation with me and if you are unsure plz don’t assume ask questions ask questions ask questions ask questions he’s getting better he’s an amazing man I told him I know I can be difficult but you understanding what I’m talking about helps up both him to understand on what level I’m talking about me me so I don’t feel like you aren’t listening I love my man so much I’m one lucky girl to have him ok I’ll shut up not 😂

    • Change what you can control of self. Free yourself from what is rotted and harvest your own good nurturing life and only be around the healthy supporters. Also give of your services to help those less fortunate for life has ways to return those goodness in some ways when you need most.

    • I after 21years,my BF age 66 roughly 2yrs ago started all these traits except physical, I aM shatter, but I had evidence of an affair,I am on last phase an the saying a Rat can’t resist cheese well he set his own trap so if you find your mate is a narrassicts then run cause they don’t change at any age

  2. IIwwwMy husband was NONE of thhe above. He did not drink other than special occasions and only one drink and I did the same. He never swore, he worked too long hours, did mostly nightshift and after a number of yrs told me, he would pay the mortgage and the telephone prescription. We had five children.
    Lived in the country on a small hobby farm. I was capable of earning a decent wage but would have to work in a main town. I worked from home, dressmaking and bridal groups. On Friday nnight I would do the grocery shopping for the week for all of us, what we needed at my during the week abode as well as what was needed on the farmlet,I also provided for the animals on tje farm. In 1982 one of my daughters informed me that he was a pedophile and his 2 oldest daughters were his main victims sinds she was 3??. The boys were regularly beaten up. All this was news to me. I looked for support from officials in the nearby small town. Police comment? They heard that every week from some or other woman that wanted to gey rid of her partner, so .much for the ….. that represented the law. Sinds the day I confronted him I never shared my bed with him or anybody else. Cut a long story short, in 1997 he was found guilty in court and imprissoned for 5 and a half years. After about a year and spending most of it in hospital, he convinced the prison authorities that he was too sick to be there. These “authorities persisted that he should come home. From hospital authorities I knew that he eat a lot of red jelly beans and brought up blood, but his guard told me that he would eat at least 500 grams of red jellybeans he bought from hospital store. I persisted in refusing to have him “home” ever again, so he decided to die, and so he did, after hospital staff had called me in. On arrival I was told he wss heavely sedated with morphine. requested to stop that immediately, and so they did. He did not want to talk to me and died about 12 hours later. I arranged for a traditional funeral for the benefit of my children and myself, and paid for that. nevrr trusted another man to come into my life. Today, most of my children lead mainly happy lives. I have 15 grand and nearly 13 greatgrand children, Apart from 1 who died at 16, they all lead usefull lives. I have worked and travelled through Europe, Australia an NZ.I retired in WA and keep myself to myself and occupied with a variety of hobbies, practised by myself. I would have my children any time but never again such a lovely man , according to others.

  3. I had a bf who was jealous of my cat. Yes, you read this right, MY CAT! He constantly critiqued how I “spoiled” him, & criticized nearly everything I bought for him, even if I was buying his food or a toy for him. He did realize however, that had he even CONSIDERED doing ANYTHING to said cat, they wouldn’t find enough of him for Dr. Frankenstein to put back together.