Black Man Has Car Trouble, White Elder Teaches Him a Lesson

Discover how a black man with car trouble triggers a profound lesson on discrimination in this thought-provoking narrative.

A black man, having spent four hours stranded on the roadside, felt relief when he saw someone pulling up behind his car. Yet, the moment the elderly white driver stepped out, he braced himself for a lesson in racial “discrimination” he would never forget.

Black Man
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Today’s society is marked by deep divisions, leading many to avoid engaging with others for fear of causing or experiencing offense. Media exacerbate these divisions by highlighting differences, fostering fear and hate instead of unity.

Aj Baker and his friend Dajuan McElroy were returning to Mobile, Alabama, from a football camp in Pensacola, Florida, when they took a wrong turn, ending up in Panama City. They discovered a flat tire when they exited their vehicle to compound their troubles.

Despite their stroke of luck in replacing the flat with a spare, they remained lost and decided to seek help from the local police for directions. However, assistance was still nowhere in sight, leaving them waiting in uncertainty.

Black Man

“I had caution lights on and 3 squad cars passed me with my arm out the window — and no help, Baker said. [I] sat there for 4 hours, and he finally came up, after praying hard and calling everybody I knew.”

Witnessing an elderly white man pull up behind them, Baker and McElroy anticipated aid. Little did they know, a lesson on racial division awaited.

Aj Baker recounts how 88-year-old George M. Jonkelupon seeing the imposing figure of the 6-foot-6-inch tattooed black man, immediately offered assistance. Jonkel not only bought them a new tire but also jump-started their car and provided gas money to ensure their safe journey home.

Black Man

“He literally was the only person who stopped to help me, Baker explained. He pulled up graciously without looking at me weird because of my appearance.”

Jonkel’s kindness ensured they reached home safely in Alabama. Still moved by his selflessness, Aj Baker recounted the experience on Facebook, highlighting the profound lesson on “hate” and “discrimination.”

“I swear I saw Jesus today in this man …never doubt by appearances, no matter what ppl look like …treat people how you should be treated… the media portrays today’s events of a 88 year old caucasian man pulling to the side of the road crazy!!!!!!?? after just getting out of a doctor’s appointment he helped me …broke down on the side the road! …a 6’6 african male with tattoos??? …after 249 cars passed by lol (i counted) calling all contacts …god comes out of nowhere.. buys me a new tire and stands in the heat with no objection …no second thought…it would be hard myself to stop and help someone like so…so i say let’s be a better nation….no hate…all love! discrimination from the jump ,will end in peace all day..”


Baker expressed gratitude for his car breaking down, revealing that despite the circumstance, he’s thankful it introduced Jonkel into his life.

“God was good, and we got home, so I had to post what the Lord is still doing in the world, the young black man said. If we hadn’t gotten lost, I would have never met him…I’m glad I did because it was a moment of humbleness and understanding.”

George M. Jonkel’s compassion and Aj Baker’s openness to assistance shattered stereotypes, revealing their shared humanity amidst similar struggles.

Jonkel’s brief act of kindness left a lasting impact on these young men, shaping their lives for years to come. Even in his absence, his simple gesture serves as powerful reminder that compassion has the power to dismantle barriers and inspire hope.

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