Body Traits That Shouldn’t Worry You

Discover the body traits that are completely normal and don’t require any concern or worry. Find out more here.

Body traits vary among individuals, yet society creates and perpetuates stereotypes, causing individuals to suffer. Social media perpetuates unrealistic body standards through edited and filtered photos. However, remember that imperfections make individuals unique and beautiful in their way.

Viral Strange will list 7 body features you have nothing to worry about.

1. Dark circles

body traits

It’s reported that 25% of Americans have some form of skin imperfection, which is a common occurrence due to the stresses of life. While makeup can conceal these blemishes, it’s important to remember that you’re beautiful regardless. Taking a break from makeup is perfectly acceptable and allows your skin to rest.

2. Sparse eyebrows

Eyebrow shape is a constantly changing trend in fashion. Presently, thick eyebrows are in vogue, but this can easily change to thin, Greta Garbo-like lines. Research shows that having sparse eyebrows may lead to low self-esteem and emotional distress, but societal trends heavily influence these perceptions. It is important to appreciate your natural brow shape, as it is inherently beautiful.

3. Hairy arms

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In the 19th century, hairless arms became a popular trend due to Charles Darwin’s theory that it signified superiority. Today, research suggests that societal pressure motivates women to remove body hair. Ultimately, the decision to remove hair from your body is a personal one.

4. Dark knee area

It’s completely normal to have saggy skin on your knees, which results from the stretching of skin over the joint. If you frequently bend your legs or kneel, such as in sports, the skin is more likely to stretch.

5. Short nails

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Consider a world where everyone had identical faces – it would be tedious because diversity and options are essential to us. Such preferences are ingrained in our psychology, and while you may fancy long nails, others may find shorter nails more charming.

6. Thin lips

The average measurements of lips vary across different races. For instance, Chinese women tend to have the thickest lower lip and the largest upper lip volume. However, having thin lips is perfectly fine and makes you unique, so there’s no need to feel ashamed.

7. O-shaped or X-shaped legs

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Scientists suggest that the increase in perfectionism does not necessarily lead to greater achievements. On the contrary, striving for ideal standards may be making us unhealthier and unhappier. This is true for the shape of our legs, as natural variation is normal and should be embraced.

Do you worry about your body traits? If yes, what? Tell us more in the comments below.

Written by Zhwan Azad

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