Conspiracy theorists: John Cena’s Oscars skit a “humiliation ritual”

John Cena had everyone laughing as he appeared on stage at the Oscars completely naked, but certain conspiracy theorists speculate that there may have been a deeper motive behind the comedic act.

If you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the evening, recounted a moment from the 1974 Academy Awards where a streaker disrupted the show, joking about how amusing it would be if it happened again. Suddenly, John Cena emerged from the wings, stark naked, though appearing hesitant to participate in the sketch, adding to the comedic effect.

While many found the incident hilarious, certain conspiracy theorists speculated that it was part of an Illuminati humiliation ritual. This theory gained traction due to Cena’s recent roles, including portraying a mermaid in a Barbie movie and launching an OnlyFans account to promote his latest film, Ricky Stanicky.



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Taking this to X, one person along with other users wrote that this is considered a “humiliation ritual”.

“John Cena going through an intense Illuminati Humiliation Ritual right now at the Oscars… This is next level stuff they have put Cena through lately… Was the fame and fortune worth it John?”



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Some online users claimed that such public humiliations are considered part of an Illuminati ritual, where celebrities sacrifice their dignity for fame and fortune. According to this belief, celebrities are controlled by the Illuminati and must undergo these rituals to maintain their status in the world of stardom.

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