Drake’s X Video Has Gotten Every Girl Petrified

Drake responded to a leaked video of him that went viral on X/Twitter after streamer Adin Ross sent him a voice memo inquiring about it.

Drake, the renowned hip-hop sensation, found himself unexpectedly at the epicenter of attention in his latest viral episode. On February 5th, a leaked video purportedly revealing Drake with exposed lower body parts spread rapidly across social media platforms, sparking astonishment and bewilderment among fans.


As the internet buzzed with speculation, streamer Adin Ross, familiar with Drake from previous interactions, took the initiative to reach out to the artist for his perspective. Expressing admiration for Drake’s successes, Ross received a lighthearted response, with Drake jokingly suggesting Ross’s message might inspire his next album intro.


Despite Ross’s inquiry, Drake remained cryptic regarding the leaked video, offering no further comment on the matter. The source of the leak remains a mystery, fueling speculation about the video’s origins, with some suggesting it may have originated from Drake’s private plane, based on audio cues within the clip.

Written by Telha

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