TikToker announces her own death: If you are seeing this, I have passed

In a poignant video shared on TikTok, a beloved figure known as Dr. Kimberley Nix, or @cancerpatientmd, revealed her passing.

Dr. Nix, renowned for chronicling her battle with cancer on both Instagram and TikTok, faced her diagnosis at the young age of 28, during the final stretch of her internal medicine core residency.

Her social media presence flourished, amassing over 148.1K followers, with her impactful videos touching the lives of millions. Tragically, at 31, she succumbed to metastatic sarcoma, a formidable adversary originating in bone and soft tissues, as described by the Mayo Clinic, and reaching stage 4 as it spread throughout her body.



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According to an online obituary, Dr. Nix breathed her last on May 8 in Calgary, Alberta, the same day her farewell video graced the platform, bidding her followers goodbye.

In her parting words, she greeted her audience warmly, introducing herself as Kim and inviting newcomers to explore her journey with sarcoma. With tears of gratitude, she expressed love and appreciation for her followers, acknowledging the profound purpose they bestowed upon her final days.

As she applied her makeup, Dr. Nix reminisced about the cherished moments she experienced, from engagements to Broadway shows and Taylor Swift concerts. She also reflected on her academic achievements, affirming her contentment with the life she lived.



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The comment section of her farewell video overflowed with condolences from countless individuals, mourning the loss of a remarkable soul and extending support to her grieving family and friends.

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